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MA in Athletic Coaching Current Course Offerings

Fall 2020 Courses

  • Classes begin Monday, August 24
  • All classes are two credit hours unless otherwise noted

HSS-500 Principles of Coaching (2 Credits)

This course is designed to promote critical thinking, problem solving and use of current training and teaching theories for best practice in coaching across all levels, to promote athletes' growth, development, and learning, while teaching age - appropriate skills. Includes methods of teaching technical, tactical, and sport management skills, and analysis of National Coaching Standards.

HSS-532 Leadership in Athletics

This course reviews contemporary theories related to management and leadership and discusses their application to sports coaching. Leadership, management and communication skills are discussed, examined and implemented within the sport environment.

HSS-562 Coaching Individual Sports

This course will guide the students through all aspects of coaching an individual, from technical and tactical t raining to planning and organizing a practice, a week, and a season. Emphasis will be placed on working with an individual or small group and developing sport - specific technical and tactical skills. An intense attention to detail will be expected when working with a 1 on 1 situation. Students will be expected to define their philosophy, identify their objectives and determine their coaching style. They will learn how to become skilled communicators, motivators, and teachers by relaying a positive management style.

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