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Russian and Central Eurasian Studies - Spring 2014

RCEP 495:  Capstone Seminar in Russian & Central Eurasian Studies
2 Credits
Pankhurst, Jerry

Prerequisite:  Senior Standing or Permission of Instructor
This course is intended to be among the final classes that RCEP majors take.  It is thus reserved for senior majors, in most cases.  The class objective is intentionally to draw the linkages among the various disciplines taught in RCEP by having the student read a key book from each of them and then composing a final 15-page paper on a theme that links the readings.  If a student is able to do this successfully, then he/she will have fulfilled the requirement of passing the senior assessment for RCEP.


RUSS 106F:  Russian for Professional II
4 credits
Zaharkov, Lila

Prerequisite:  105 or placement
Second course of a two-course sequence (with RUSS 105) enabling adults to achieve language competency goals within the context of their professional and personal interests.  This sequence introduces Russia’s language and culture.  The course meets once a week, using the most up-to-date methodology, including video, multimedia language lab, and web-accessed exercises that allow students to work at their own pace.  The textbook is accompanied by an instructor-developed manual that enables students to work on assignments between class meetings.  Limited to adult/nontraditional students.


RUSS 112F:  Beginning Russian II
(5 semester hours)
Zaharkov, Lila

Prerequisite:  Russian 111 or placement.
Continuation of 111, practice with conversation and grammatical patterns.  Ninety minutes per week of independent lab time required.


RUSS 152A/C:  Journey into the Fantastic
(4 semester hours)
Zaharkov, Lila

Prerequisite:  None – taught in English
Join us in this course as each hero/ine takes a journey into a fantastic world!  While it may be as “normal” as a hero/ine in a fairy tale on a quest, it might be as fantastic as a journey into the future 600 years from now or maybe to another planet!  While journeying into the world of the fantastic, readers will be introduced to the best writers of 19th and 20th century Russian literature who use this medium just for fun, or maybe to discover other truths!  No Russian is required!  All readings, lectures, and discussion in English.  Fulfills either the “A” Fine, Performing, and Literary Arts or “C” Non-Western Cultures General Education requirement.


RUSS 262F/1.1:  Art of Translation
(2 semester hours)
Zaharkov, Lila

Prerequisites:  Russian 263
Introduction to the practice of good translation including more advanced topics in Russian grammar, such as verbs of motion, verbal aspect and verb governance.  Special attention to idiomatic expressions and formulaic speech patterns. 


RUSS 266:  Russian Speech Etiquette
(2 semester hours)
Zaharkov, Lila

Prerequisite:  Russian 263 or permission of instructor
This course equips students with formulaic speech patterns that will help them conduct conversations on situational transactions such as telephone conversations, purchasing, transportation and expressing opinions.  This course is particularly designed for those who will study abroad.

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