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Transfer Credits

After admission to the university, students must complete the placement tests in math and foreign language. All nursing students also must meet Wittenberg general education requirements for graduation. These requirements include completing 130 credit hours, of which 32 credit hours must be completed at Wittenberg. Most classes are four credits. General education requirements include:

  • English 101 Expository Writing (four credits)
    • Clark State English 1111 & 1112 transfer in for this requirement.
  • Writing Proficiency (seven writing-intensive courses, of which two must be in the major)
    • Your associate's degree counts for three writing-intensive courses.
  • Mathematics, Statistics, or Computer Sciences (four credits)
  • Foreign Language (four or five credits plus a prerequisite course if needed)
    • Most RN-BSN students take Wittenberg's Spanish 105 & 106.
  • Natural World Sciences in two different departments (eight credits)
    • RN-BSN students transfer in Biology courses but may need Chemistry.
  • Social Institutions, Processes, and Behavior (eight credits)
    • ┬áRN-BSN students usually transfer in psychology and sociology, which complete this requirement.
  • Fine, Performing, and Literary Arts (eight credits)
  • Religious and Philosophical Inquiry (four credits)
  • Western Historical Perspectives (four credits)
  • Non-Western Culture (four credits)
  • Community Service (30 hours; non-credit)
    • Many adult students can document already-completed volunteer hours.

RN-BSN students may transfer credit for college courses completed elsewhere. We can estimate your transfer credits as soon as we receive your unofficial transcripts from every institution where you completed college coursework. Unofficial copies may be emailed to

Wittenberg's Office of the Registrar makes final decisions about transfer coursework and requires official copies of your college transcripts. For RN-BSN students, official copies may be sent from your prior institution to Wittenberg Nursing, P.O. Box 720, Springfield OH 45501.

Course descriptions may be found in the Academic Catalog.

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