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Music Scholarship Audition

Audition for a music scholarship!

We award several dozen scholarships, for voice, band and orchestral instruments, piano, organ, and classical guitar, and these scholarships are available to all students regardless of major.

Audition Requirements

Two contrasting songs, including one in a foreign language if possible. A piano accompanist will be provided.


  1. Two compositions or movements in contrasting styles, one of which demonstrates technical proficiency. (For percussion, solos in two of these areas: snare drum, timpani, mallets.) About ten minutes total duration.
  2. Major scales, memorized, up to four sharps/flats. Strings (including guitar and harp): two or three octaves. Woodwinds: one or two octaves, as appropriate for your instrument (clarinet/sax: in the key of your instrument). Plus a chromatic scale in one octave.Brass: one or two octaves, in the key of your instrument. Percussion: two octaves. Piano: three octaves, hands together.
  • Admission Application Deadline: March 1
  • Scholarship Audition Deadline: March 1

Eligibility: Students may receive one Special Interest Award. Interested students must apply separately to be considered for any Special Interest Award. Students may apply for multiple Special Interest Awards but may only receive one. All awards will be renewed for up to four years if the student maintains good academic standing and meets award-specific renewal criteria.

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