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Community Service Requirement History at Wittenberg

In 1986, then President William Kinnison joined Campus Compact in order to promote public service on college campuses. A volunteer program, called "Doing Our Share" was established and by November boasted 200 participants. In the spring of 1988, Wittenberg established a community service graduation requirement. One of the aims of Community Service is to create an awareness of the needs of others and to develop more compassionate human beings who are able to respond to these needs. In order to help students achieve these goals, Wittenberg will place them in an environment that will develop their awareness of social responsibilities (Faculty Minutes, 2/4/89). Through the years, refining changes improved Wittenberg's service effort. Significant among these was the faculty vote in the Fall of 2000 to create the course Community Service 100 (CMSV 100).

Overview of Community Service 100-01 (CMSV 100-01)

  • Wittenberg students pick one semester before they graduate to register for Community Service 100 (CMSV 100), the course students take to complete the service requirement.
  • Students complete 27 hours of service and 3 hours of reflection in the semester they register for CMSV 100
  • Students must complete at least 20 of their 27 hours at one site.
  • The course follows all add/drop deadlines as determined by the Registrar's Office.
  • Students are to turn in a Placement Confirmation form (for 20+ hour service site) by the end of the 5th week of the semester
  • Students turn in a self-evaluation and reflection essay at the end of the semester.
  • Service sites verify and submit a service log and site evaluation for each student completing 20 or more service hours with their organization.
  • There is no cost to register for CMSV 100 since the course is 0-credit.
  • Students must complete all requirements within the semester or lose earned hours, and they must begin again in a future semester.
  • CMSV 100 Rights and Responsibilities
  • Frequently Asked Questions- CMSV 100

Overview of Community Service 100-02 (CMSV 100-02)- Graduate and Professional Studies Students

Community Service Guidelines

  • Interact with people from various cultures and life situations and address societal issues that challenge the community.
  • Engage with non-profit organizations that are in partnership with the Community Service program.
  • Participate in a service immersion experience offered during break times that are sponsored by a Wittenberg organization. For an immersion experience to count for CMSV 100, it must also offer participants who want to use this experience to complete their community service requirement an engagement experience in the local community. CMSV 100 students who participate in the immersion experience will complete 27 hours of direct service, which includes this engagement experience in the local community (typically a minimum of 3 hours of service).
  • Connect with Springfield/Clark County by completing service hours in this community with a partner site. If a service opportunity is not available on the partner list or cannot be arranged by the Community Service Program, then a student can submit a self-design proposal to the Director of Community Service for approval.
  • Service connected to a faith-based organization must meet the following criteria: the experience's primary purpose must be first and foremost to provide a direct service that addresses a specific social issue that benefits the larger community; the experience must have clearly defined outcomes for the recipients of the service; and the experience must be open to all members of the community regardless of their race, gender, religion, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical ability, or disability.

The CMSV 100 experience

  • Is separate from service required by internship or another course for credit.
  • Is not compensated.
  • Does not allow students to count hours spent sleeping or traveling towards the total hours needed to complete the requirement.
  • Does not involve direct religious persuasion or political campaigning.
  • Does not include participating in events such as fundraisers where the student does not interact directly with the non-profit organization.
  • Must be completed during the semester registered for CMSV 100 to successfully pass and to receive possible Dean's List recognition.

CMSV 100 Outcomes

We have established desired outcomes for community service. Your community service experience will provide you the opportunity to:

  • Acquire and apply skills, abilities, and knowledge to serve an organization that benefits the community.
  • Gain an understanding of a community by building reciprocal relationships within a community organization.
  • Develop an empathetic understanding for other people and life situations.
  • Build confidence in one's ability to contribute to the common good.
  • Understand one's responsibility to be an active citizen in society.
  • Add a positive value to one's college experience.

CMSV 100 Forms

  • Placement Confirmation - Students are asked to submit this form by the end of the 5th week of the semester to inform the Community Service program of their service placement. It asks the students to describe and determine goals for the service experience. It must be signed by the student and the site.
  • Service Log - Students use this form to record hours served and specific activities each visit. Form is typically kept on-site.
  • Site Evaluation - The site manager completes one form for each student at the site. Site-Managers complete the form for students completing 20+ service hours.
  • Self-Evaluation - Student comments are solicited at the end of the semester regarding the service, service site and the Community Service program. The evaluation is due by the paperwork deadline at the end of the semester and is uploaded on Moodle.
  • Reflection Essay - An assigned 1000 word essay asking students to reflect on their service experience. This essay fulfills 1 hour of reflection and is due by the paperwork due deadline at the end of the semester and is uploaded on Moodle.
  • Self-Design Proposal - Students interested in completing service at a non-partner site must submit a Self-Design proposal to the director of Community Service for approval. The proposal for service needs to meet the guidelines for CMSV 100 and needs to explain how the experience will allow the desired outcomes of CMSV 100 to be achieved. Proposals must be turned in by Friday of the 4th week of semester  (or prior to starting the service, whichever comes first) that the student is registered for CMSV 100.
  • Special Project Log - Used for pre-approved service not completed at the student's primary site. A maximum of 7 hours total may be submitted as Special Project hours.
  • Transportation Request Form - Used for CMSV 100 students who need a ride to and from a service site. This form reviews the policies and procedures for utilizing transportation to hte service site. The form is due by the Friday of the 5th week of the semester.

All forms are available on the Forms Page.

Completing Community Service 100 during the Summer

We will be offering CMSV 100 this summer, but there will be a cap on the number of students who can register for the course since our service opportunities will be limited. We will follow the guideline that the service will need to be completed in Springfield/Clark County, and primarily with one of the sites listed on our Community Service Opportunities List, and registering for the course will be by permission of instructor.  

  • Students interested in completing the community service requirement over the summer must register for CMSV 100-01 for Term 3 by clicking on the following link by 5pm on Friday, May 22nd: (space is limited)

  • Students registered for the CMSV 100 course must attend a virtual Orientation on Wednesday, May 27th at 4pm, Thursday, May 28th at 12pm, or Thursday, May 28th at 4pm (students will select the day and time of their orientation by clicking on the link listed above).

  • Although students register for Term 3, they have between June 1stand August 23rd to complete their service hours. 

  • The deadline for submitting all the necessary requirements of the course is Tuesday, August 25th by 5pm. 

  • There is no fee to register for CMSV 100 since the course is 0-credit.

  • The last day to drop without a W grade is Friday, June 26th. The last day to drop with a W grade is Friday, July 31st.

  • The intent of the requirement is to have students serve within the Springfield/Clark County community, and primarily with one of the partner sites listed on the Community Service Opportunities List.  If a student wants to pursue a service experience that is not on the Opportunities List, then they must fill out a Self-design proposal.  When reviewing the proposal, the Director of Community Service will consider if a similar opportunity can be offered in the local community, if the service meets the guidelines for CMSV 100, and if the experience allows the student to achieve the desired outcomes of CMSV 100. The self-design proposal deadline is Friday, June 12thor prior to starting the service, whichever comes first.

  • GPS students should not click the link, but contact Kristen Collier, Director of Community Service, if they are interested in summer service.

  • Students should contact with questions.

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