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The Community Service program is here to assist student organizations in getting connected to the community. We can meet with you to discuss your interests in planning a service project, to offer ideas on how service can build your team, and to expand your group's knowledge of the Springfield community. We can help you set up a one-time activity or help you establish an on-going partnership with a local non-profit organization. We can also provide you a list of possible service projects. Check out this link to review the latest listing of special service projects and to sign-up to receive notices about ways you can get your group connected to the community.

What can we do for you?

  • Provide An Orientation To Your Organization To Prepare Your Members For A Service Experience
  • Help Recommend and Find Appropriate Service Projects/Partnerships For Your Organization
  • Help Find Funding Sources To Support Service Project
  • Offer Reflection Resources And Facilitate Reflection Sessions

Keep us informed

E-mail the Office of Community Service ( and let us know what your organization is doing. Include the following: name of organization, name of person submitting this information and contact information, project, date and time, explain the details of your service/philanthropy project, and what your group learned from engaging in this project.

Please review the Safety Guidelines for Students Engaging in the Community and share with members who will be participating in service projects with your organization.

Possible Funding Sources for YOUR Student Organization's Service Project

Funding from the Wittenberg University Community:

Build A Better Wittenberg (BABW)
Distributes funds to Wittenberg students and student organizations that are planning projects and events that promote diversity of thought, discussion, and community building within Wittenberg and between Wittenberg and Springfield. All proposals must be submitted to the chair of BABW and will be reviewed by the BABW committee. For more information contact the Student Senate Vice President.

If you know of a funding source that is not listed here that is available for college students to do service project please let the Community Service program know by emailing:

Planning a Meaningful Service Project

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