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Academic Advising Calendar

Spring 2020 Academic Advising Calendar




Jan 13

Classes Begin

Can be a good time to send a note to returning first-year students, making sure they have the classes they want.

Jan 13-17

SOCHE Registration


Jan 17

Last day to ADD a full-semester course & a 1st half-semester course

Remember that adding a course must be done online.

Jan 20

MLK Convocation


Foreign Language Competency Exam needs to be registered for by 5:00 p.m. on January 31st.

Jan 27-31

File PASS/FAIL option for full-semester and 1st half-semester course

Can check in with all advisees and see if any need help with changing to a P/F option or are thinking of withdrawing from a course—P/F forms are only available in person.

Jan 31

Last day to DROP a 1st half-semester course without a 'W'


Feb 14

Last day to WITHDRAW from a 1st half-semester course with a 'W'

Monday, February 10th can be a reminder day to students about these upcoming deadlines on Friday.

Feb 14

Last day to DROP a full-semester course without a 'W'


Mar 6

1st half-semester courses end


Mar 6

Last day to remove an 'I' grade

Could send a reminder this week to any of your students who have an ‘I’ grade.

Mar 9-13

Spring Break


2nd-half semester courses begin


Mar 18

Midterm grades due to Registrar by NOON

A good time to check in and see if any of your advisees are having difficulty with classes—that might influence your advising conference.

Preparing for Advising: Remember to encourage (require) students to fill out their schedule request forms, or to choose their classes in the Timeline section of Self Service. They can also look to their four-year plans to see what courses they need. Remember to set out times for students to visit with you, and encourage upperclass students to come in early, leaving later times for second- and first-year students. Reread Thirty Reminders for Effective Advising.

Mar 20 - Apr 3

Academic Advising—Scheduling and Registration for Fall 2020

Check to see if students have any holds on their accounts, and make sure they know the time they can register.

If you are going to be on sabbatical (or away) the following semester, be sure to inform your advisees, and let them know who they can go to with questions.

Mar 25

Last day to ADD a 2nd-half semester course


Mar 25 - Apr 3

File PASS/FAIL option for 2nd half-semester courses


Mar 30 - Apr 10

Online Registration

Remind students of the resources available through COMPASS.

Apr 1

Last day to DROP a 2nd half-semester course without a 'W'


Apr 3

Last day to WITHDRAW from a full-semester course with a 'W'


April 10

Good Friday (no classes)


Apr 17

Last day to WITHDRAW from a 2nd half semester course with a 'W'

A reminder of this date could come at the beginning of the week.

May 6

Classes End


May 7

Reading Day


May 8-13

Final Exams


May 14

Senior Grades due to Registrar by NOON


May 16



May 18

Final Grades due to Registrar by NOON


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