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COVID-19 Community Digest: September 21, 2020

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To keep faculty and staff informed of actions and activities related to maintaining the health and safety of our community amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the following communication will be distributed as needed to campus. Please visit the COVID-19 website for more details and updates.

Community Reminder

As we have reiterated, our ability to continue with in-person classes this semester is dependent on all students, faculty, and staff upholding our community expectations to prevent and slow the spread of the virus. Please be diligent and wear your face covering, take your temperature, maintain appropriate distance from others, wash your hands frequently, and follow all University policies and health protocols.

Upcoming Flu-Shot Clinic

The campus' Flu-Shot Clinic is being held tomorrow, Tuesday, September 22, from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the Nursing Simulation Lab, Science Center, Room 237. Employees wishing to participate must sign-up and complete the required VAR consent form.

COVID Dashboard & Communications

The COVID Response Team has developed a Campus Dashboard to keep our community informed of active cases, probable cases, resolved cases, and total cases to date. Information is updated Monday-Friday by noon. Click here to view the dashboard. The COVID-19 website also includes a communications section to view past issues of the Employee Digest and Student Digest, as well as several community communications. Click here to view.

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Anthem Resources

The Anthem COVID-19 Resource Center provides information on assessing symptoms, scheduling virtual office visits, finding a testing center, care tools and resources, plus an entire library dedicated to the coronavirus/COVID-19.

Prioritizing Wellness

While the fall semester looks a little different this year, there are still many ways to prioritize your wellness. Here are some tips for mental and physical health:

  • Practice healthy habits. Eat well-balanced meals, exercise regularly, get plenty of sleep, and take breaks from work when you need them.
  • Unplug. If you think that the news and social media may be adding to stress, try to disconnect for a while and have some quiet time.
  • Talk to others. If you’re dealing with challenging emotions, share how you’re feeling with someone you trust. This could be a family member, friend, therapist or anybody else you feel comfortable with.
  • Try a relaxing activity. Yoga and meditation can be great ways to take breaks and reconnect with how you are feeling.

Remember, if you or a family member needs care, doctors on Anthem’s LiveHealth Online are available to help!

Plasma Donations

Anthem supports The Fight Is In Us — a coalition that encourages COVID-19 survivors to donate blood plasma that doctors and scientists can use in their efforts to treat and defeat the virus.

Members who have fully recovered from a positive COVID-19 diagnosis can support research that might save lives by donating their blood plasma. It may contain antibodies that can help researchers understand how the immune system fights the virus and how to more effectively treat patients. We are helping to spread the word by sharing this information with you – our employees.

Plasma donation is safe, quick, and similar to donating blood. Visit the Anthem coronavirus website to learn more about the donation process and eligibility requirements. The website also offers resources and tools to support members during this time. Please also consider sharing this link with your friends or family members who’ve recovered from COVID-19.

How To Report A Concern

If you have a concern about a member of our community not fulfilling our community expectations, please complete the Wittenberg University: COVID-19 Report a Concern Form. A member of the COVID Response Team will follow-up as appropriate. If you have a concern about exposure (yours or someone else’s) to COVID-19, please use the same form. For general questions about COVID-19 and Wittenberg University’s response, please email


The campus community can use the WITTTIP safety alert system to send a confidential tip via text message to the Wittenberg University Police Division regarding safety concerns or criminal activity. Users should text the word WITTTIP and your message to 79516. A response will come from the text system promptly, acknowledging receipt.

The WITTTIP text service is not for emergencies. Items that should be texted will be those that the Wittenberg Police Division should be alerted about, where no person is in imminent danger. Emergencies still need to be reported using the emergency phone number, (937) 327-6363, or by using a blue cap phone on campus, if accessible, where the caller can speak directly to police dispatchers. For those who prefer to use an Internet interface, there is a web tip form where community members can confidentially submit their concerns online using this link.

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