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COVID Response Team Update

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Dear Wittenberg Students, Faculty, and Staff:

Thank you for working hard to follow established protocols to prevent the spread of the virus and protect the health and well-being of our community.

Below are critical reminders designed to keep you and our community safe:

  • Remember, your mask needs to cover bothyour nose and mouth, and, if you are wearing a neck gaiter (tubie), it should be folded over TWICE to add a second layer of protection.  The COVID Response Team has updated our face covering policy to reflect that you must wear your face covering outside if you cannot maintain a minimum of six feet distance from all other persons. Additionally, we are purchasing ​over the ear masks of the winning design from the mask competition and will distribute these very soon across campus. This will provide each of you another Wittenberg branded face covering in addition to those you have already received.
  • It is imperative that we all continue to keep at least 6 feet of distance between you and others at all times. Please remember that BOTH the wearing of face coverings and social distancing of these are critical practices for your continued health and safety and that of everyone else on campus. #MaskUp and #StayOneTigerApart!

COVID Dashboard and Case Updates

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, The COVID Response Team (CRT) has created aCOVID-19 Dashboard to serve as a resource for the campus to get up to date information about the impact of COVID in our community.

The information contained in the dashboard reflects reported positive COVID-19 cases for students and employees of Wittenberg University. Currently, we have one known positive, active case of COVID-19 on-campus. Contact tracing has been completed. The individual that tested positive is in isolation off-campus until health officials have cleared them to resume typical day-to-day activities.  

The CRT meets daily to discuss cases and will update this dashboard by Noon, Monday through Friday. There are four metrics we will be reporting on:

  1. The first column, total active cases, represents the number of Wittenberg community members who have a reported a positive test for COVID-19 and are currently in isolation either on-campus or at their home.
  2. The second metric, resolved positive cases, represents the active cases that have been cleared to return to the community. As a reminder, our health protocols for the return to campus can be found here:
  3. Column three is total positive cases, which represents all the reported positive cases (active cases + resolved cases).
  4. The final column, awaiting test results, are the total number of Wittenberg community members who identified potential symptoms of COVID-19, have taken a test and are currently self-quarantined.  Note that the CRT is asking the individual with symptoms and any close contacts of symptomatic cases that we determine might be at risk to immediately self-quarantine until test results are returned.  This practice is stricter and broader than the recommendation of the Ohio Department of Health and the CDC where contact tracing and quarantining of contacts does not happen until a positive test result is determined.  While the total number reported will only reflect those specific symptomatic cases that have be referred for testing, the community should note that any close contacts of these cases who are awaiting test results have already been removed from the community as well.  If the test results come back negative, provided no one is exhibiting symptoms, all will be released from self-quarantine.  If the test results come back positive, the individual will become a "total active" case and placed in isolation and all close contacts will continue to self-quarantine and be assessed as per our health protocol.

COVID Assistance Team (CAT)

The COVID Response Team is seeking volunteers to join the COVID Assistance Team (CAT).  CAT members will assist in supporting students who have been placed in isolation or self-quarantine.  CAT volunteers will work directly with members of the COVID Response Team and Student Development staff to perform a variety of tasks such as:  

  • Coordinate meal deliveries to students at 11:30am and 5pm;
  • Assist students with securing groceries, laundry, or other needed services;
  • Check in with students via text, phone or virtual to provide personal support;
  • Alert representatives of the COVID Response Team, COMPASS, or Student Development of issues that the student identifies. 

CAT members will not have any direct, physical contact with students.  All tasks will be performed virtually or contactless, following all the appropriate safety guidelines.  If you are interested in learning more about this important part of our campus approach to supporting our students, please contact Gary Williams at

Reporting Concerns

Should you need to report a concern at any time, please complete the following form, and a member of the COVID Response Team will be in contact with you.

As reminder, students and employees can use WITTTIP safety alert system to send a confidential tip via text message to the Wittenberg University Police division regarding safety concerns. Users should text the word WITTTIP and a message to 79516. A response will come from the text system promptly, to acknowledge it was received.

The WITTTIP text service is not for emergencies. Items that should be texted will be those that the Wittenberg Police Division should be alerted about, where no person is in imminent danger. Emergencies still need to be reported using the emergency phone number, (937) 327-6363, or by using a blue cap phone on campus, if accessible, where the caller can speak directly to police dispatchers.


The COVID Response Team


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