Employee Support

The Office of Human Resources is available to assist employees with any questions and concerns regarding safely returning to work or general guidelines related to managing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please know that support services are available through HR and the campus pastors. A comprehensive listing of mental health & substance abuse counseling services can be found on the COVID-19 HR Resources page.

Cleaning & Supplies

Ordering Supplies

Vice President for Finance & Administration Rob Young has requested that all needs related to PPE and cleaning supplies be routed through Purchasing Manager Karen Lotz.

Cleaning supplies will be provided to classrooms, meetings spaces, and individual offices. As such employee should not use University-sponsored funds to purchase these items.

Replenishing Supplies

  • Should any facilities be out of cleaning supplies, please alert the Campus Dispatch at 937-327-6231 immediately or email switchboard@wittenberg.edu.

Germ-X Original Hand Sanitizer SDS

  • To view product safety overview, click here.

X-Effect Disinfectant

  • To view product safety overview, click here.

Water Bottle Refill Locations

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