Entertainment Venue Guidance

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Per the Ohio Department of Health Director’s Order on Entertainment Venues the following guidelines are established for Wittenberg University events occurring in entertainment venues.

Guidance Updated 3/5/21 with increased capacity limits and alterations to when a University representative is required at student organization events.

Entertainment Venues

Based on the Director’s Order there are certain campus venues identified as entertainment venues.That list can be found below. No other space on campus would constitute an entertainment venue.


Permitted gathering size for registered events at entertainment venues will be at most 15% of room capacity with social distancing in place. Designated entertainment venues and their capacities are listed below.

COVID-19 protocols

All University, CCCHD, and State of Ohio COVID-19 protocols will be followed and enforced at entertainment venues and events. Event hosts will enforce and remind participants of guidelines including the wearing of face coverings, maintaining social distancing at all times, the washing or sanitizing of hands, entry and exit protocols as well as room set ups. Additionally, the campus events protocol is still in effect. In particular, no non-Wittenberg use of entertainment venues is permissible including visitors.


Each event in an entertainment venue must have a University official present for the entirety of the event except for business or operational meetings, or in a case-by-case situation for low-risk activities. This person will ensure compliance with COVID-19 protocols and the safe execution of the event. The University official will be designated with the Office of Scheduling and Events (campus departments) or the Office of Student Involvement (registered student organizations).

Event Management Plan

A plan or outline on how the sponsoring department, office, or group will manage the event, with particular attention to maintaining all required COVID-19 gathering and safety protocols will be submitted upon scheduling of event for review to the Office of Scheduling and Events. Pre-registration or maintenance of attendee list will still occur per the event guidelines and protocols.

Registered Student Organization Usage of Entertainment Venues

Registered student organizations must have a University official present during the entirety of their event at an entertainment venue except for business or operational meetings or in a case-bycase situation for low-risk activities. The University official will be identified, when possible, through the Office of Student Involvement and may include the faculty/staff full-time advisor for the organization.

Entertainment Venues and Capacity Limits (25% of maximum capacity or less indoors, 30% capacity or less outdoors while socially distanced)


  • Pam Evans Smith Arena: 750
  • 1929 Fieldhouse: 482
  • The Steemer: 595
  • HWA 212: 38
  • Bayley Auditorium: TBD
  • Ness Auditorium: 27
  • Weaver Chapel: 250
  • Shouvlin 105: 37
  • Chakeres Theater: 32
  • Krieg 100: 31
  • Geil Lounge: TBD
  • Founders Pub: 33


  • Edwards-Maurer Stadium: 1000
  • The Hollow 450
  • Chapel Lawn: TBD; tents, 25 each
  • Stoughton Lawn: TBD; tents 25 each
  • Lawn space at corner of Woodlawn Ave & Ward St.: TBD; tent 25
  • Commencement Hollow: TBD
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