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Quarantine Expectations and New Guidelines

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In response to updated CDC recommendations for quarantine protocols, the COVID-19 Response Team, in collaboration with the Clark County Combined Health District, has updated the quarantine options for employees and students of Wittenberg University.

Wittenberg University’s New Quarantine Options for Individuals Exposed to a COVID-19 Positive Person

Option 1: 14-day quarantine from last time of contact with a COVID positive person.

Option 2*: 10-day quarantine from last time of contact with a COVID positive person if the following conditions are met:

  • The quarantining individual must be symptom-free during the entire quarantine period.
  • The quarantining individual must continue to self-monitor for symptoms through day 14.
  • If the quarantining individual has been asymptomatic during the entire 10 days, they may return to work or school on day 11 after the last time of contact with the COVID positive person.

*Note for Student Athletes: As recommended by the ODH, all student athletes must complete a 14-day quarantine before they can begin their return to athletic activity process since they are not able to wear a mask or social distance in all active play. Student athletes can return to other day-to-day campus activities that require face coverings and allow for adequate social distancing after a 10-day quarantine, if they meet all conditions outlined in Option 2.

Reminder for people who have had COVID, regarding their 90-day exemption from quarantining.

90-Day Immunity: Individuals who have tested positive by a molecular (PCR) test have a 90-day period during which they are not required to quarantine if they become exposed to a COVID positive person. The 90-day period is counted from the original date of their symptom onset OR, if they never had symptoms, then 90 days is counted from the date their positive test was conducted. Proof of a positive molecular (PCR) is required to qualify for immunity. Students can provide proof to the Dean of Students at Employees can provide proof to the Director of Human Resources at

Effective January 4, 2021

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