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Revised Clark County Travel Policy

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Wittenberg Students:

While we expect you to remain diligent in your efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 in order to enable us to remain on campus, we understand there are many low-risk activities and essential services available to you in Clark County. With this in mind, travel is now permitted off-campus within Clark County for low-risk and essential service activities. All COVID-19 safety guidelines must be followed including: wearing a mask, maintaining six-foot distancing, washing hands frequently, and avoiding being in groups larger than 10. Visiting of high-risk establishments, in particular condensed indoor dining and bars/clubs, is not permitted due to concern for virus spread. Should case numbers rise or Clark County spread warrant, we may reevaluate this policy.

As you decide to travel within Clark County, please consult this resource on going out from the CDC:


The COVID Response Team

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