Student Referral Program Information

Those who know Wittenberg the best make the best ambassadors for the university. It’s why we need you to refer students to us. We will handle the rest-we reach out to that student welcoming them to Wittenberg and connecting them to our amazing faculty, staff, and students! Tiger Up and make your referral(s) today!

Whom to Refer

  • Your children, relatives, siblings, family friends, co-worker’s children, the standout theatre star, athlete, academic all-star at the local high school, youth member of your church, etc.
  • All students who are freshmen through seniors in high school.

If you have any questions regarding a referral, please feel free to contact Linda Beals at

What We Ask of You After Your Referral

That you connect and stay in touch with the student through communications directly to the student.

  • Encourage them to look at Wittenberg
  • Encourage them to visit Wittenberg
  • Encourage them to apply to Wittenberg
  • Encourage them to enroll

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