Privacy Policy

Using the web, all students, faculty, staff, and alumni can control what personal information Wittenberg releases to both the Wittenberg community and the general public. Your privacy settings will determine what information appears about you in our web directory.

What information is controlled by my information privacy settings? Your privacy settings control the release or suppression of your name and email address, local phone number, local address, home phone number, home address, your department or class year, title, and photograph. You can set each option to display or keep hidden within Wittenberg (other Wittenberg users) as well as from outside Wittenberg.

To Review or Change Your Privacy Settings:

  • Log into the myWitt portal, enter your email username and password

  • Click the Account Tools tab, then click Privacy Settings.

    You will see a new screen where you can view and change your privacy settings.

    Your privacy settings are arranged in two categories: one is for the information you are willing to have released to the Wittenberg Community and the other is for the General Public. Separating the information into two categories allows you to pick and choose what information you would like to have available to different groups of people. For example, some people may feel comfortable displaying home phone numbers to members of the Wittenberg community, but not to the general public.

    Information you restrict to the Wittenberg community will only be available to people who authenticate themselves by logging into the web using their email username and password. Information you allow everyone to view requires no authentication.

  • Once you are satisfied with any changes you have made to the settings click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the screen.


We have set as the default the options that we believe will be the most common choices. Non Wittenberg individuals can view your name, email address, department (or class year), and title. By default, the Wittenberg community can view this information as well as your campus phone, address, and photo (if there is one available).

You can suppress all information from being seen by setting your email address from being viewed. This is true for both the campus community and off campus people. Please keep in mind that turning this feature off for the campus community will prevent Information Technology Services staff from looking up your information.

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