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Wittenberg University's Office of Student Employment provides employment opportunities to students with financial aid work awards.

What is Student Employment?

Students are given an opportunity to further enhance their classroom experiences by obtaining employment at a variety of job settings both on and off campus. This can not only assist in development of a possible career path, but also defray the cost of some college expenses.

Who works for Student Employment?

Student Employment is open to all full-time undergraduate students who have been issued a work award in their financial aid package. These awards include Federal Work-Study and Student Employment awards. Student Employment positions are not guaranteed and are competitive. Student Employment offers jobs on and off campus in many different environments. On campus, students have the opportunity to work one on one with professors as well as many of the offices found around campus. Our wonderful Off-Campus Community Partnership Program offers many opportunities too. Working an Off-Campus job helps you to obtain a connection to the Springfield community. This program allows our students to work in schools, businesses and many other types of settings.

Student Employment Policies

How do I get a job?

  • In the right-hand menu, select "Job Postings."
  • Select jobs that interest you.
  • Read through the job description thoroughly.
  • Contact employer to express interest in the advertised position. To email an employer, click on the email address given in the position description. 
  • Contact the employer by phone two weeks after e-mailing your application to ensure they know you are interested.
  • Ask if you should set-up an interview during New Student Days or within the first weeks on campus.
  • Be confident and pursuant. Finding a job over the summer will be a lot less stressful than if you wait until you arrive on campus in the fall.

For Supervisors:

Zero-Based Budgeting Forms:

Supervisor Position Information:

Student Employment Contract:

How to Approve Web Time Cards (for Supervisors)

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