Customizable 4-Year Plan

Discover Your Dream, Your Calling...

Is your calling to be a teacher? A pianist? How about a lawyer, historian, physician, or an accountant? Are you still discerning what your career pathway might be? Let Wittenberg assist you with planning your next steps, regardless of where you are!

No student's journey to a career is the same. That's why we have created a customizable planning tool for your time at Wittenberg. This tool can help you identify and map out the next steps that you need to take in order to reach your goals. This customizable 4-year plan is merely a guide - your path may change multiple times during your college journey!

4-Year Customizable Plan Download

Using The 4-Year Plan

Step 1: Download the PDF of the "4-Year Customizable Plan" and review all the suggested activities. These activities are meant to be general recommendations that could be helpful for any student. Your particular area of study or vocational goal may mean that you include activities in your plan that are not listed in the suggestions. 

Step 2: Fill in the 4-year plan with the set of activities that you have identified and save as a draft. Beware that some of the activities may be limited to certain stages of your college journey. For example, students typically can't study abroad in their first year of college and graduate programs won't accept applications until your senior year.

Step 3: After saving a first draft of your plan, schedule meetings with your academic advisor and with a career counselor in the COMPASS Sweet Success Center. Gather feedback and implement suggestions as they make sense. 

Step 4: Spend time each semester reviewing your plan and make updates accordingly. Use this review time to reflect on your vocational goals, progress, and professional blindspots that need addressed. 

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