Student Outcomes

Graduates Finding Their Dream

Your education at Wittenberg is designed to help your dreams take flight. Our faculty and staff are fully committed to supporting your goals and to helping you land meaningful careers.

Our alumni can be found across the globe. They are industry leaders, change makers, innovators, and visionaries. They are educators in classrooms, doctors on the front lines, and public servants leading the way.

We know that you come to college to learn and to discover who you are, but we are ready to help you take that next step. This is our success story!

Class of 2020: Outcomes

We all recognize that 2020 was a taxing year for students entering the workforce. Still, our graduates consistently demonstrated that their excellent preparation at Wittenberg and their determination allowed them to find success.

2020 Highlights:

  • 92.1% of Graduates Successfully Placed
  • 79% of Graduates Reporting

2020 Data Summary

Our students pursue a variety of pathways after graduation. For those who reported successful placements, here is where they went!

We compared ourselves to other institutions, both public and private. On placement success, Wittenberg comes out on top in NACE data!

Wittenberg’s liberal arts focus provides excellent preparation for graduate education. Here are the graduate schools attended by the class of 2020.

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