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Requirements/Eligibility to Participate in an Internship

Faculty policies that regulate internships require that the student:

  • Be in "good academic standing" (minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA and not on academic probation);
  • Has completed 64 semester hours toward the degree before starting the internship;
  • Has completed all other prerequisites required by the supervising department;
  • Present to the selected faculty internship supervisor a well-developed and completed Internship Agreement before the semester in which the internship is desired;
  • Has earned no more than ten (10) semester hours of internship credit toward graduation.

In order to earn the specified number of credits, the student must:

  1. Complete a minimum of 35 hours of work for each credit earned;
  2. Consult with the faculty internship supervisor at mutually convenient times during the internship (no less than three times - beginning, midway through and at the end of the completion of the experience);
  3. Complete any other requirements agreed upon with the faculty internship coordinator;
  4. Obtain written feedback from the site supervisor at the midpoint and at completion of the internship experience. Discuss performance feedback with the faculty supervisor.

Internship Checklist

  • Visit the Career Services office and web sites for ideas
  • Visit the academic department(s) for more ideas and to learn individual department requirements/policies
  • Identify a faculty internship supervisor (usually from you major or minor department)
  • Apply for internship, first making sure that your resume and cover letter are appropriate
  • Practice interview skills
  • Interview for the internship
  • Complete the Internship Agreement form, making sure you get all necessary signatures
  • Follow registration procedures on back of the Internship Agreement form

Please be aware that you must pay for each credit hour done for credit during Summer Semester or Overload. Completed internship agreement form must be turned in by the last day to add classes for the semester in which the internship is to be completed.

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