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Preparing for your dream career begins with gaining valuable experience through internship opportunities. Students at Wittenberg regularly complete internships in Springfield and beyond with local and nationally recognized Fortune 500 institutions. The COMPASS Sweet Success Center is ready to help you develop a job search plan to find internships that fit your goals. They can also assist you with preparing your resume and cover letter before applying. Schedule a meeting with one of our trained counselors today!

Why Should I Complete An Internship?

  • Competitive Experience: We all begin somewhere. However, having skills on your resume that you developed from an internship experience can make you a more competitive and attractive candidate to a potential employer.

  • Career Exploration: Internships can help you get a first-hand look at a particular career field or company without long-term commitment. An internship might confirm that you enjoy a certain type of work. It also might help you re-direct your pathway to something more relevant to your goals and sense of vocation.

  • Networking: Internships provide you with ample networking opportunities. Your supervisor, colleagues, and fellow interns are all potential connections that can support you in your future career journey.

How Can I Register My Internship?

We are excited to get to work with you as you begin an internship experience in an upcoming semester. Please review all steps below to ensure a successful registration process. Career Services is always available to answer any questions that might arise along the way. Please know that internship registration must be done within 7 days of starting your experience. Additionally, internship tuition will be charged to your account for any credit hours received during the summer term. We are unable to register internships after completion or at the end of the experience. This is a forward looking process.

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Step 1: Secure Internship Site

You will need to have secured your internship site prior to registration. Typically this involves applying to open opportunities, interviewing, and being offered the role. Career Services can assist you with this process.

Step 2: Meet With A Faculty Member

Meet with the faculty member you plan to have supervise your internship. Ensure that they approve of the experience and discuss learning goals, academic evaluation, and credit hours needed for the internship. This information is needed for your registration form.

Step 3: Complete Registration Form

Login to Handshake using your university credentials. Click on "Career Center," then "Experiences," and finally "Request an Experience."

Things To Remember

  • This must be submitted within a week (7 days) of starting your internship.
  • You must know the name and email address for your faculty supervisor, department chair, and internship site supervisor.
  • Please be aware that you must pay for each credit hour taken during the summer term or if overloading in a traditional academic year (August-May).
Step 4: Await Approval

After reviewing your submission, Career Services will start the approval process. Once all electronic approvals have been received, the Registrar will add credit-bearing experiences to your account and it will be viewable in Self-Service.

Step 5: Plan For Completion

After approval, you should be aware that you will be responsible for completing the academic evaluation assignments from your faculty supervisor. In addition, Career Services will require completion paperwork that will be emailed to you. You must submit these assignments to receive credit.

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