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The mission of Residence Life is to provide a supportive and engaging living/learning community that empowers students to achieve academic success; personal growth; and responsible citizenship.

Welcome Home! It's Good Here.

At Wittenberg, we strive to provide a friendly, dynamic, down-to-earth atmosphere in residence halls and Witten'Burbs. Student interests can turn into powerful passions as a result of living and participating in environments, gathering places, recreational opportunities, annual events and organizations that promote diversity and inclusiveness. Residence life at Wittenberg provides students with unique experiences to inspire them to live out the Wittenberg motto, "Having light, we pass it on to others."

Whether you are living in a university owned residence hall, house, or apartment, we believe the residential experience is a vital part of the college experience and students growth and development. Learning to live in community is a valuable way to learn about yourself, others, and how to be a positive influence on the world around you. It also teaches life skills of communication, compromise, teamwork, conflict resolution, self-regulation, and accountability within a community of support and caring so that students can become their best.

We strive to provide all the information you need as a student living in campus housing or as a parent with a student living on campus. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 937-327-7800 or


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