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Housing Selection

Housing Selection for 2020-2021 Academic Year
Welcome Home. It’s Good Here.

Each spring all current and incoming students are expected to participate in Housing Selection for the coming academic year. We understand this can be an exciting yet unfamiliar process, so we try to address most information on the pages below. If you have any questions at any point, please let us know!


Housing Selection will be completed through our new housing software, available on your MyWitt, under Campus Information > Wittenberg Housing System. This year's process will look and feel different from previous years, so we highly encourage ALL students, including upperclass students, to come to an info session. Click Here To Learn More

A major change this year is that we ask ALL students to complete the Housing Intention Application via the Housing link on their MyWitt portal between February 5 - 20, 2020. This lets us know what you are planning for the coming academic year (e.g. graduation, study abroad, living in your chapter house, etc.). This also activates your profile in our system to participate fully in the rest of the Selection Process. Please note that this Housing Intention Application is not permission or approval from the University; it is simply your indication to us of what you think you may do the coming year. Any required applications, course requirements, etc. are still your responsibility to complete.


Welcome Home. It’s Good Here! We are so excited to have you on campus this Fall! Click Here To Learn More

Incoming Students will access the housing system through their Admissions Portal. This access path will be in place until students actually matriculate in August at which point their access will transition to the MyWitt Portal. General information about campus housing is listed below. Step-by-step instructions are available in the Incoming Student Housing Selection Guide.

Incoming Student Housing Selection Guide


2020-2021 Room Rates (per student)

Given the ongoing concerns around COVID-19 and the challenges that come with living in shared spaces, we are offering all residence hall students the opportunity to request a single room for the price of a double room during the 2020-2021 academic year. As part of this adjustment, we will be opening Myers and Ferncliff Halls as well as altering the Theme Living Community designations. All residence hall room rates will be flattened to the standard double rate for that hall for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Per Student Per Semester Per Academic Year
Residence Halls
Traditional Double $2,765 $5,530
Traditional Single $3,300 $6,600
Traditional Super Single $4,200 $8,400
New Hall Double $3,015 $6,030
New Hall Single $3,550 $7,100
New Hall Super Single $4,450 $8,900
5 Bedroom Unit $3,000 $6,000
4 Bedroom Unit $3,375 $6,750
3 Bedroom Unit $3,750 $7,500
2 Bedroom Unit $4,125 $8,250
1 Bedroom Unit $4,500 $9,000
Sprecher / Keller $4,250 $8,500

What is included in my room rate?

The amenities vary by location, especially in the Witten’Burbs traditional houses and apartments. If you have questions about a specific location, please contact Residence Life.

Housing Type Furnished Utilities Cable / WiFi Laundry Central Air Elevator
Ferncliff Hall Yes Yes Yes 1st floor No Freight only
Firestine Hall Yes Yes Yes 1st floor Yes Yes
Myers Hall Yes Yes Yes basement No No
New Hall Yes Yes Yes each floor Yes Yes
Tower Hall Yes Yes Yes basement Yes Yes
Woodlawn Hall Yes Yes Yes each floor No No
Sprecher Yes Yes Yes central Yes No
Keller Yes Yes Yes central Yes No
Faculty Court No Yes No hook-ups available Yes No
Witten’Burbs No Yes No availability of hook-ups vary by property varied No

If a student needs a particular accommodation due to a diagnosed condition, please contact Accessibility Services to provide documentation. Once an accommodation is approved Residence Life will be approved and we will work with the student to identify reasonable accommodations to meet their needs.

Witten'Burbs-Specific Amenities

All Witten'Burbs homes include full utilities. A trash can and recycling bin are provided for each unit. Residents are responsible for placing cans at curb for weekly pick up.

Students are responsible for cable and internet installation and payment. Dish / satellite installation is not permitted without previous approval. Exception: Sprecher and Keller apartments have campus internet access.

Not all houses have a washer and dryer hook up. Please see the available property list for more information. Sprecher and Keller apartments each have a common laundry room for residents (laundry rooms are key-access and machines are coin-free).

All Witten'Burbs homes include a fridge/freezer unit and oven/range unit. Installation of microwaves and dishwashers are uncommon and vary by property. The University does not provide laundry appliances although they are available for rental through an approved vendor.

Students are responsible for providing bedroom and common space furnishings. Exception: Sprecher and Keller apartments are fully furnished.

2020-2021 Board Rates

All residence hall students are required to carry a meal (board) plan - either the Carte Blanche or the 225 Flex. All other students can select from any other available meal plan although they are not required to do so. Meal plans can be altered until the first Thursday of class each semester; no changes can be made after that date.

Meal (Board) Plans Semester Year
Carte Blanche (Unlimited Meals) and $100 Bonus Dollars/semester $2,650 $5,300
225 Flex Meal and $100 Bonus Dollars/semester $2,317 $4,634
150 Flex Meal and $200 Bonus Dollars/semester** $2,053 $4,106
85 Flex Plan and $200 Bonus Dollars/semester** $1,335 $2,670

**Not available to residence hall students.

Housing Options for 2020-2021

We are pleased to announce expansion and redesign of existing Themed Living Communities (TLCs) as well as the addition of a number of new TLCs based on student feedback and community observations. All TLCs are by application to help us evaluate interest and fit. Students can propose roommates within their applications but all roommates must submit their own applications and will be evaluated individually. You can find the description of all Themed Living Communities as well as links to the applications here. Students accepted into a TLC will be placed within their selected community prior to general housing selection.

All residence halls are open to all class years. Generally halls are either coed by wing, meaning that both male and female students reside on the same floor with their own single gender restrooms designated. We do offer Gender Inclusive housing options throughout all campus housing to better serve individual student needs. We also have All-Gender restrooms designated on New Hall 1st floor and Polis 2nd floor.

The following are the intended designations for residence halls spaces for 2020-2021 based on student, facility, and programmatic needs:

Residence Hall Room Types Available Floor Designation TLC Available
Ferncliff Double / Singles 1 coed Gender Inclusive
2 female  
3 male
4 female *kitchen available
Firestine Doubles / Singles 1 female  
2 male
3 coed
New Doubles / Singles 1 female & coed Gender Inclusive
2 female  
3 male
Myers Doubles / Singles 1 male  
2 male
3 male Honors
4 female
5 female  
Tower Doubles / Singles 2 female  
3 male
4 female
5 male
6 female
7 male
8 female
9 male
10 female
11 male
Woodlawn Doubles / Triples / Singles 1 male  
2 male
3 female
4 female

Please keep in mind that designations can change at any time if student, facility, programmatic, or University needs change.

Witten'Burbs properties are limited to students who have 60 credit hours or more by the end of the Spring 2020 term.

Witten'Burbs housing options will be posted after the conclusion of Renewal Selection in March. Witten'Burbs properties are limited to renewal for three consecutive years (i.e. eligible to be renewed twice after initial selection; held of out general housing lottery for three years). At that point, the property is considered ineligible for renewal and returns to the general lottery pool for selection. Properties may also be removed or added to the available list of properties depending upon facility or University needs.

Floor plans for Residence Halls are available under Campus Housing in the side menu. Witten'Burbs floor plans are available by request only and may not be readily available remotely. Floor plans are not to scale and are just meant to help gauge general layout. Anything requiring firm measurements should wait until move-in so that students can take their own measurements.

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