Break & Closing Information

Students are expected to leave campus during break periods when the residence halls are closed (Thanksgiving, Winter, & Spring Breaks). The break closing schedule for the 2023-2024 academic year is posted below. (Please note: the dates and times are subject to change if the University calendar changes)

With a documented need, students can make arrangements with Residence Life for break housing. Students must submit a stay request by the published deadlines. They can find Break Stay Applications in their Housing Portal at least one month before the published deadline. Students in University houses and apartments are also required to submit a Break Stay application. More information about break housing will be sent to Student's university email accounts closer to each break.

All students are required to follow all break closing procedures as advertised by Residence Life and may be subject to fines for failing to do so. The University reserves the right to require key return and/or limit what can be left in the room over break. All campus housing will be inspected at break closings for compliance with closing procedures and fire safety. All Residence Life and University policies are still in effect during break periods. No guests are permitted during break periods without prior permission from Residence Life. Failure to follow policies may result in immediate removal from break housing.

Break Housing is not guaranteed, may carry additional fees, and may require temporary relocation.

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