Packing List/What Not To Bring

Unsure about what you should bring with you to Wittenberg as a residential student? We've got you covered!

Items NOT permitted in any campus housing:

  • Hoverboards of any kind
  • Candles, incense, plug-in air fresheners, oil lamps, oil or wax warmers, or any item with an open flame
  • Triple/quad sockets, plug multipliers, or power strips; extension cords that are not UL approved or have visible signs of fraying or breakage
  • Appliances over 120 volts AC, 60 cycles, 200 watts, or 2 amps
  • Halogen, oil, lava, or sun/heat lamps
  • Homemade or store-bought lofts (any loft other than those available through
  • Pets (any type, except fish - maximum one 10 gallon aquarium per student)
  • Power tools, spotlight/floodlight, stereo systems or other devices which have potential to disrupt community
  • Firearms, weapons, fuel/flammable liquids, or other dangerous or hazardous material
  • Water-filled furniture or apparatuses such as waterbeds, pools of any kind, hot tubs, or liquid-filled containers of any kind over 10 gallons
  • Otherwise acceptable small appliances such as coffeepots or irons that are not UL approved or do not have an auto-shut off feature
  • Homemade or home-modified appliances

This is not an exhaustive list of the electrical appliances and pieces of equipment that are not suitable for use in campus housing. The student must obtain written approval from Residence Life prior to bringing or using any item that does not clearly fall within the range of allowed items. All appliances and electronics used in campus housing must have the original Underwriter's Laboratory seal. If an unapproved item is found in a campus housing space, the item will be confiscated and a fine assessed. The list of items not allowed, restrictions on use and storage, and permitted specifications can be altered at the University's choosing based on currently available information.

All other small appliances such as hot combs, electric razors, electric toothbrushes/water picks, make-up mirrors, electric blankets, heating pads, blenders, hot water makers, closed-coil popcorn poppers, computers, lamps, clothing and hair irons, etc. not explicitly forbidden, are permitted provided they are in safe working condition, UL approved, within the electrical limits listed above, and operated in a safe manner.

Birthday candles on cakes and candles necessary for the observation of religious holidays may be burned with prior permission from the Area Coordinator.

Approved Residence Life Vendors

Wittenberg Residence Life works with various vendors to provide services to students throughout the entire academic year. Students and families are able to order care packages, linens and decor, and a microfridge or loft unit at any time during the academic year. Dorm Room Movers offers moving and storage services during the summer months. Please find links to our approved vendors below.

  • SwakU: Offers a variety of care packages for different times of the year and for various holidays.
  • BedLoft: Offers microfridge and loft beds for students in residence halls.
  • Laundry Rentals: A local vendor offers a washer/dryer rental for students living in the Witten'Burbs, limited by washer/dryer hookups in properties

Residence Halls

Each student is provided with a bed, desk, desk chair, dresser space, and closet/wardrobe space. Each room is equipped with a room light and window blinds or shades. Some rooms offer mirrors, bookshelves, task lighting, and/or air conditioning. All residence halls offer community bathroom, laundry, and hall-wide wi-fi access.

The laundry facilities located within the residence halls are for the residents of those halls only. The cost of the laundry is included in the room fee that each residence hall student pays. Coins are not needed. Residents are not permitted to wash/dry non-resident students' clothes, or for non-residents to use the laundry facilities in any residence hall. Misuse of the laundry facilities could result in increased room charges as well as a fine for both the resident of the hall and the non-resident of the hall. Microwave units are provided for student use in the lobbies of each residence hall. These are to be used for snack preparation only. Coin-operated vending machines are located in each residence hall. The number of machines and selection of food products depend upon the size of the hall and the needs of its occupants.

Refrigerators are permitted in residence halls provided they are within the following limits:

  • 120 volt, 60 cycle AC, 200 watts, 2 amp; compressor hermetically sealed, self-lubricating; Underwriters Laboratory (UL) approved, and in good condition.
  • One refrigerator is allowed per double room; two in triples and quads.
  • Microfridges are permitted provided they are from the approved University vendor.
  • Converter boxes that alternate power between a stand-alone microwave and refrigerator are not allowed.
  • For ventilation and sanitation purposes, all refrigerators must be located in an open space, outside of closets.
  • During break periods, refrigerators must be emptied, defrosted, unplugged and left standing open.
  • The University reserves the right to inspect refrigerators and micro-fridges to ensure they meet proper specifications and are in good condition.


Many typical household items have the potential to be problematic, even hazardous, if misused or not kept in proper repair; some draw pests, some interfere in facility operation and use, some have higher likelihood to cause damage or injury. Recognizing that some are potentially more problematic than others, the following guidelines, regulations, and restrictions have been established. Please note that the University may alter this policy to include any item or activity that the University deems at its own discretion potentially: (1) unsafe, (2) damaging to university property, or 3) permanently altering to university property is prohibited.

Students in houses & apartments are provided a refrigerator and should avoid adding additional refrigerators or freezers to units due to overall electrical draw.

Residents wanting to bring in other appliances not already present in their unit such as a/c units, laundry machines, or additional refrigerators must request permission in writing in advance and get approval from Residence Life and Facilities Management prior to bringing the appliance. The student is responsible for appropriate, safe, and complete installation and removal; any damages caused by, or cost incurred as a result of student-added appliances will be charged back to the assigned resident(s). If such approval is granted, it shall be made part of the housing agreement and may be subject to an additional charge. University properties are of a variety ages and set-ups, therefore not all properties can support all desired appliances. Properties will not be modified to accommodate appliance requests. Student-introduced appliances that appears to be having a negative impact on the facilities or other members of the property may be removed immediately even if prior permission was granted.

Grills are permitted for use on lawns, provided Students exercise caution and common sense (e.g. ensuring safe distance from structures, trees, etc., staying with grill throughout process, ensuring grill and all components are in good condition, ensuring grill and fuel source is fully out/off and grill is cooled before leaving the area, ensuring users have adequate knowledge about safe grill operation). Grills and fuel including propane tanks, charcoal, and lighter fluid is never permitted within the residential structure (including on porches). Misuse, lack of care, or improper storage may result in immediate removal of items.

Microwaves are permitted provided they are within the electrical limits listed above, in good condition, and UL approved. Students should remain present throughout use, exercise caution, and follow safe operating procedures.

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