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Witten'Burbs (Houses & Apartments)

Students at Wittenberg know that where they live can greatly enrich how they learn, which makes our University District (The Witten'Burbs) extremely popular with juniors and seniors.

Traditional Houses and Apartments

University houses and apartments are equipped with full kitchens and bathrooms and include all utilities (gas, electric, water, sewer, trash). Students are responsible for setting up their own telephone, cable, and internet accounts (access points are available in all properties). Most properties are not furnished and require students to bring their own furniture. None of the traditional houses or apartments have university provided laundry machines although some may have hook-ups available. All properties have heat service but most do not have central air. All units have kitchens equipped with fridge/freezer, stove/oven, and sink; some have dishwashers as well although it is not common. If residents want to bring in other appliances not already present in their unit (a/c units, laundry machines, etc.), they must request permission in advance and get approval from Residence Life and Physical Plant prior to bringing the appliance. Students should keep in mind overall electrical draw of the appliances they wish to bring.


Amenities vary by location, especially in the Witten’Burbs traditional houses and apartments. If you have questions about a specific location, please contact Residence Life.


Homes include full utilities. A trash can and recycling bin are provided for each unit. Residents are responsible for placing cans at curb for weekly pick up.


Students are responsible for cable and internet installation and payment. Dish / satellite installation is not permitted without previous approval. Exception: Sprecher and Keller apartments have campus internet access.


Not all houses have a washer and dryer hook up. Please see the available property list for more information. Sprecher and Keller apartments each have a common laundry room for residents (laundry rooms are key-access and machines are coin-free).


All homes include a fridge/freezer unit and oven/range unit. Installation of microwaves and dishwashers are uncommon and vary by property. The University does not provide laundry appliances although they are available for rental through an approved vendor.


Students are responsible for providing bedroom and common space furnishings. Exception: Sprecher and Keller apartments are fully furnished.


Properties are limited to students who have 60 credit hours or more by the end of the Spring 2021 term.


Properties are limited to renewal for three consecutive years (i.e. eligible to be renewed twice after initial selection; held of out general housing lottery for three years). At that point, the property is considered ineligible for renewal and returns to the general lottery pool for selection. Properties may also be removed or added to the available list of properties depending upon facility or University needs.


Floor plans are available by emailing housing@wittenberg.edu only. Floor plans are not to scale and are just meant to help gauge general layout. Anything requiring firm measurements should wait until move-in so that students can take their own measurements.

Sprecher and Keller Apartments

Keller (4-bedroom) and Sprecher (3-bedroom) apartments are fully equipped with sofa, chairs, coffee table, and dining table/counter and seating. Each resident has a private, lockable bedroom furnished with one bed, dresser, desk, desk chair, and closet. The fully equipped kitchens have fridge/freezer, stove/oven, range hood/microwave combo, and dishwasher. Apartments feature central air/heating, carpeting throughout living room and bedrooms, private patio, exterior entrances, mini-blinds throughout, and all-inclusive utilities (electric, gas, water/sewage, trash). Apartment amenities include cable, campus internet/wireless, resident-only parking, security lighting, and common laundry room. The laundry rooms are kept locked and are intended for resident use only (each apartment has its own laundry room key). Laundry machines are coin-operated. It is the responsibility of all residents to keep the laundry room and stairwells clean and to remove their own trash from the area. Individual unit furniture should never be removed from the unit or used outside.

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