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New RA Application
Returning RA/CA/'Burbs RA Application

The Resident Advisor position is one that’s integral to the Wittenberg University campus. RAs serve in a number of frontline positions, such as community builders, key resources for students, and policy enforcers. While it is a position in which you should anticipate some pressure, we hope you learn from and take advantage of the many opportunities it provides for personal growth.

2020-21 RA Job Description

2020-2021 Residence Advisor Application & Selection Timeline & FAQs

  • October 16-17 — RA Info Tabling; 11 a.m.-1 p.m.; W Tables
  • October 21 — Updated Job description posted
  • October 22 — RA Info Session @ 5 p.m.; Geil Lounge (Benham-Pence Student Center)
  • October 23 — RA Info Session @ noon; Morris Lounge (Benham-Pence Student Center)
  • October 28 — RA Application is live!
  • November 5 — RA Info Sessions in Halls (New, Tower, Woodlawn); 8 p.m.
  • November 12 — RA Info Sessions in Halls (Ferncliff, Firestine, Tower); 8 p.m.
  • November 18 — RA Info Session @ 5 p.m.; Morris Lounge (Benham-Pence Student Center)
  • November 21 — RA Info Session @ noon; Geil Lounge (Benham-Pence Student Center)
  • January 29 — Applications Due
  • February 2 — Group Process; 5-8 p.m. (location TBD)
  • February 3-5 — New RA Interviews (please select a time after you finish the application)
  • February 21 — RA Decision Letters Sent
  • February 28 — RA Decision Letters Due Back
  • April 19 — Spring RA Training
  • TBD — Fall RA Training

What is an RA?

  • A student staff member who have successfully experienced living on campus for at least two semester and show a passion for supporting peers, creating bonds, and leading by example. RAs live in the residence halls and are responsible for buildings community in various ways, connecting students to each other and campus resources and enforcing hall policies.

What are the minimum requirements of being an RA?

  • Must maintain full-time student status for duration of employment
  • Have and maintain a 2.7 semester and cumulative GPA, beginning with the semester of application and extending throughout the term of employment
  • Have lived on a college campus for no less than two semesters and have no less than sophomore standing at the start of employment
  • Must be and remain in good social standing (minimal judicial history).
  • Must reside in designated RA room for duration of employment.
  • Expected to make a commitment to the position for an entire academic year.

How much time does the position take?

  • On average, the RA position will take up about 20 hours per week, which includes duty, programming, meetings, resident interactions and office hours. As a note, there will be a few weeks that require more time including training, move-in, homecoming, etc.

Do I have free days/can I have a social life?

  • The Residence Life staff definitely encourages you to have a social life outside of the RA position! RAs are also expected to spend time in their communities and to let their supervisor know if they are going to be gone for an extended period of time. This ensures that our halls are staffed adequately in case of emergencies.

Will I have to work weekends?

  • RAs are required to work several weekend duty shifts during each semester and must be around the building on occasional weekends that are considered “all-hands on deck.” RAs are also required to help their staff with one weekend program per semester.

Do I need to stay up until 8am when I’m on duty?

  • Not necessarily. When on duty, RAs are scheduled from 9pm-8am. Depending on the day of the week (week day/end), RAs have active hours until 1am or 3am in common areas such as lounges and lobbies. After active duty hours, RAs are able to return to their rooms but remain on-call and accessible via the duty phone.

Can I just do it for one semester/What if I plan to study abroad in the spring semester?

  • As stated in the requirements for becoming an RA, you are expected to make the commitment to the position for the entire academic year.

Do RAs get a free room and how much are they paid?

  • RAs will receive a room fee waiver. Each first year RA will receive an annual stipend of $1,565, paid in ten installments.

Do RAs get preferential/free parking?

  • All RAs have to pay for their parking pass if they choose to bring their car to campus. There are currently no assigned parking spots for RAs on campus, but you can usually find a spot close to your hall.

How can I make sure I am placed in ________ hall?

  • Each candidate has the opportunity to preference halls during the application process. However, the Residence Life staff also takes community and staff fit into account, so candidates’ top preference are not guaranteed.

Are references required and whom should I choose to be my references?

  • Two references are required to complete your application (one from a current RA, one from a Wittenberg faculty/staff member). We advise you pick references who will be able to speak best to your teamwork and leadership skills or that have experience with you taking the lead on a project. You will need to provide names and emails of your references when you submit your application.

Should I still go through the housing lottery if I am waiting to receive my RA decision letter?

  • No. The housing lottery process will occur after RA Selection is complete.

I missed the application deadline; can I still be considered for the RA position?

  • No. Completing the application is essential to moving forward in the process and late applications will not be accepted under any circumstances. Please reference timeline above.

How do I sign up for my interview?

  • After you have submitted your application, you will be prompted to select a day and time that works best in your schedule. If you were not prompted to select a time or need to switch your time, please email

What can I expect during my interview and how should I dress?

  • Plan for a 30 minute interview with two Residence Life staff members. You will have a few minutes at the end to ask any questions you may have. Please wear clothing that is representative of you and that you think is appropriate for an interview.

What does it mean to be an alternate RA?

  • Alternate RAs are candidates for the RA position who are qualified, but have not been offered a position. Alternates have the opportunity to attend spring and fall training to help them gain the skills and knowledge that prepares RAs for the coming year. Alternates may be contacted if there is an RA opening that needs to be filled.

How many applicants are there and how many RA spots?

  • The number of applicants varies year to year, as well as the available spot. All open RA positions are open to new and returning RA applicants.

Can I have another job outside of being an RA?

  • Yes, but you must speak with your supervisor first and it should be no more than ten hours a week. As a note, you are not able to hold any other campus job when you are an RA.
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