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Move-In Information

When students check into their room, they need to report to the specified check-in location during the specified check-in time with a picture ID. The student should ensure all holds have been cleared; a hold can prevent Residence Life from issuing a key or permitting the student to move-in. Once the student has completed check-in paperwork and received their room key, they should conduct a thorough examination of the condition of the room (and living space) to ensure the condition of the room is accurately reflected on the Room Condition Report (RCR).

Generally this is completed with Residence Life staff if time permits, however, the presence/absence of Residence Life staff does not alter the student's responsibility to complete and return the RCR within 24 hours of key issuance. This RCR will be used in determining whether the Student has caused damage to University facilities or property beyond normal wear and tear. If the Student fails to complete and return the RCR, the residential property will be assumed to be in good and clean condition with standard amenities provided. It is the student's responsibility to report all needed maintenance repairs to Residence Life staff as needs arise, so that repairs can be made in a timely manner as well as to avoid unnecessary charges.


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