Campus Housing

Wittenberg University believes in the importance of a residential college experience.

As we help our students become citizens of the world, we want them to participate in the journey to independence, and as part of that journey, Wittenberg expects as many full-time students as possible to live in University-owned housing — from traditional residence halls to furnished apartments and more. As an introduction to being away from home, first- and second-year students typically reside in residence halls, where they have resident advisors (RAs) to support and assist them. During the third and fourth year of college, students often transition to University-owned houses and apartments with increased responsibility and independence.

Housing Options and Expectations

Student housing includes Residence Halls, houses and apartments (Witten'Burbs), and some Greek chapter houses, which are owned by the Greek organizations but recognized by the University. All students, regardless of living arrangements, are subject to policies outlined in the Wittenberg Student Handbook.

Room and Board

Room and board rates are per student per semester. Prices do not increase or decrease based on occupancy.

All full-time undergraduate students are required to reside in Wittenberg housing while they are enrolled. They are also expected to participate in the Housing Selection process each spring for the coming year.

Additional Information

Below please find more information specific to our student population:

If you have specific questions, please feel free to email or call the Office of Student Development at 937-327-7800.


It is important that students engage in the community to take full advantage of out-of-class experiences. Exemptions to the Residency Requirement may be requested if the student:

  • Resides at the principal residence of their parent or legal guardian within a 30-mile drive of the campus and commutes daily from that residence to the campus; or
  • Is married or has dependents in their care; or
  • Has earned at least 60 credit hours, and is requesting to live in their Greek organization's University-recognized chapter house (and is listed on the house's official roster); or
  • Is participating in a University-approved academic experience that necessitates a living arrangement outside of a 30-mile drive from campus (e.g. study-abroad programs, etc.); or
  • Is 24 years of age or older at the time of admission.

To request exemption, a student must complete a Housing Release Form, which can be found in the Housing Portal or on our website. The form will be reviewed, and approval or denial will be communicated via email. If the student is requesting exemption from the residency requirement for any other reason, they must include a statement of rationale for the request.

All housing release approvals are dependent upon the conditions under which the initial approval was given; if the conditions are altered in any way (e.g. parent/legal guardian moves; student moves out of parent/legal guardian house; participation in a study-abroad program is cancelled; etc.), the student must reapply and receive approval for the new conditions or return to campus housing.

If a commuter student decides to reside on campus, they must fulfill any and all housing restrictions before they can be released to the Witten'Burbs.

By submitting a request, the student gives permission to Residence Life to verify the information contained in the request as well as information related to the student's academic, social, and financial standing as related to the request. Students who apply for exemption with inaccurate information (e.g. a student who indicates they will be commuting from parent/legal guardian primary residence but is instead renting from a private landlord in town) will be charged through the student conduct system and can be held responsible the standard double room rate.

Specific Housing Needs

Requests for specific housing assignments are honored whenever possible. Students with specific housing requests related to documented needs, should work with Accessibility Services to request any necessary accommodations. Once approved, the accommodation needed will be communicated to Residence Life and our office will work to make reasonable accommodations given timing and existing assignments. Students are encouraged to make accommodation requests as early as possible.

Room assignments are made without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, military status, disability, sex, sexual orientation, or familial status. Housing is only provided for the enrolled student. Assignments for new students are made on a first come basis, with consideration for information provided in the housing survey and pairing students of the same gender together. Returning students preference their own room assignments through the housing lottery process each spring. The University provides a living unit space and does not guarantee the student any particular room or specific accommodations.

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