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Campus Housing

Student housing includes all residence halls and University-owned houses and apartments, including some Greek-chapter houses. Greek-chapter houses which are owned by the Greek organization and recognized by the University and the residents within those houses are still subject to policies outlined in the Student Handbook and the Fraternity and Sorority manual from the Office of Student Involvement.

2020-2021 Room and Board Rates
2019-2020 Room Rates
2018-2019 Room Rates

Residence Halls

Given the ongoing concerns around COVID-19 and the challenges that come with living in shared spaces, we are offering all current students assigned to a residence hall this fall the opportunity to request a single room for the price of a double room during the 2020-2021 academic year. All residence hall room rates will be flattened to the standard double rate for that hall for the 2020-2021 academic year ($5,530 for traditional halls; $6,030 for New Hall.) Students do not need to request this change; we will alter student rates automatically.

Current Students were asked to opt into a singles lottery by May 21 via a link emailed to them. That lottery will run on May 26. Requests received after that date will be wait-listed until after the first round of incoming student placements June 15.

Incoming Students were asked to complete an updated Housing Survey by June 7. In this updated survey, they have the ability to request a double or a single and specify up to 10 preferences based on available hall options.


All Witten'Burbs listed pricing is per student per semester. Prices do not increase or decrease based on occupancy.

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