Frequently Asked Questions - Residence Life

Do I have to live on campus?
As a liberal arts residential campus, it is important that students engage in the community to take full advantage of the out-of-class experience. As such, all undergraduate students enrolled full-time at the University are required to live in campus housing; students living in residence halls are required to participate in a University meal plan. Space in university-owned houses and apartments is generally restricted to students who are in their third or fourth year and have earned 60 credit hours as defined by the Registrar although exceptions or restrictions may occur based on academic standing, social standing, semesters in residence, space availability, or facility needs. Students wishing to live at their parents' primary residence within 30 miles driving distance of campus must complete a request for release from the residency requirement at least 30 days prior to start of term.
What are the residence halls like?
Ferncliff, Firestine and New Hall are co-ed by wing. Tower, Myers, and Woodlawn are co-ed by floor. Polis House is gender-inclusive throughout. Community bathrooms have several sinks, toilets and showers. Rooms vary in size. Lounges are located on most floors. Firestine, New, Polis, and Tower are air-conditioned. For more information about each residence hall, including floor plans and photos, go to our web page and click on Residence Halls.
Who staffs the halls?
The residence hall staff is comprised of one or more Resident Assistants (RAs) per floor/wing along with either an Area Coordinator (AC) or Community Assistants (CA) residing in each hall. Hall staff are carefully selected and trained to aid you in your transition to Wittenberg. They are dedicated to helping you, your roommate(s), your floor mates, and your entire residence hall to build a fun, cooperative and considerate group living environment/learning community. Your RA/CA is a resource for you to utilize for anything from academic difficulties to helping you become adjusted to campus. Your AC is a professional staff member who has received their Master's degree with a heart for working with students to develop the overall community of each hall. They closely monitor the physical facilities and have overall responsibility for their respective halls.
How is my housing assignment made?
Incoming students who have paid their enrollment deposit will submit their housing survey, which allows them to specify roommate and housing preferences. Residence hall requests are considered based on the date your tuition deposit is/was received by the Admission Office, provided that your housing survey is submitted by the June 1 priority deadline. Our roommate matching system first finds the person with whom you are the best match (based on your preference responses) and then searches for the top hall choice you have in common with space still available.

In order for us to facilitate the best possible roommate matches for each incoming student, we respectfully ask that the student, not the parent or guardian, complete the housing survey.

NOTE: At important stages in the housing survey process, you will receive messages to your personal e-mail account from It is essential that you check your email frequently in order to receive housing information in a timely manner.

Incoming students for the Spring semester: Your Spring semester hall request is considered based on available spaces and your roommate is assigned based on the information you give in the housing email sent by or our Operations Manager.

Returning current students will participate in Housing Selection each spring for the coming year.

What happens if I do not get along with my roommate?

At the beginning of each year, you and your roommate will meet with the RA to discuss expectations and draft a roommate agreement for the year. Should conflicts arise, please contact your RA and they will coordinate a meeting with you and your roommate. During this meeting, you will revisit your roommate agreement and attempt to work out your concerns. If you find that you are unable to resolve the conflict, the Area Coordinator will be consulted and we will work together to determine if further mediation is necessary or if a room change is appropriate. We have a two week room freeze period at the beginning of each semester. During this time, we do not allow any room changes to occur. After this period, we can begin making room changes.

How will I meet other students?

Your residence hall is usually the first place you make friends. Whether you meet someone on move-in day, or you start chatting together in the lounge, or you meet in a hall program such as a movie night or an ice-cream social, or strike up a conversation with someone from one of your classes, you are sure to be interacting with lots of new people from many different places. Wittenberg students normally get involved in many activities, which is another great way to meet students who have similar interests.

May I have a single room?

We do not allow first year students to live in a single room during the first semester of residence. Single room requests by upper-class students and second semester first year students are granted based on availability and on a first come, first serve basis. During your second semester, if you wish to move to a designated single room or purchase a double room as a Super Single, contact your Area Coordinator.

Given the considerations round the pandemic, during the 2021-2022 academic year, we are continuing to offer all students the ability to opt into single rooms at no extra costs to ensure that all students have access to the type of living arrangement that best suits their needs.

Where do I eat?

You have a variety of dining options on campus including the all-you-can-eat Center Dining Room (CDR), Post 95 (Post), and the Science Center Market, and Founders Pub. Residence Hall students can choose from the Carte Blanche or 200 Flex meal plans; both plans include 100 bonus dollars which can be used on a la carte items from Post, Market, or Founders. Students living outside the residence halls also have the ability to choose from the 100 Flex or 50 Flex meal plans; both include 200 bonus dollars. Students with or without meal plans can also purchase Witt Gold and save 10% on their a la carte purchases.

May I have a refrigerator in my room?

We allow one refrigerator per room, and they must meet the following specifications: 120 volts, 60 cycle AC, 200 watts, 2 amps. Micro-fridge units (one per room) are available for rent through our campus approved vendor

May I have a microwave in my room?

The only type of microwave that is permitted in residence hall rooms is a microwave/refrigerator combination unit, known as a microfridge. You are not permitted to have a stand-alone microwave. The only microfridge permitted in campus housing (one per room) are available for rent through our campus-approved vendor If you do not wish to utilize this option, there are common microwaves available in each of the residence halls.

Who will clean my room?

In residence halls, you and your roommate are responsible for your assigned room; campus housekeeping personnel clean common areas, such as lounges and bathrooms. Bathrooms are cleaned daily and other common spaces are cleaned on a weekly cycle. In Witten'Burbs houses and apartments, the residents of each unit are responsible for cleaning their homes and keeping their yards picked up. The common laundry rooms at Sprecher and Keller are cleaned weekly by housekeeping services.

Who will do my laundry?

You will! You will quickly become an expert in detergent, bleach, and what does and doesn't go in the dryer! Laundry facilities in each residence hall and Sprecher/Keller apartments include washers and dryers are free of charge. Other Witten'Burbs residents have the ability to rent laundry machines from our campus vendor if their unit has a hook up available.

Where can I study?

There are many options for study spaces throughout campus:

  • Use your own desk or stretch out on your bed with your books. Each hall has quiet hours Sunday through Thursday from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. with 24-hour courtesy hours. Friday and Saturday quiet hours are from 12 a.m. to 9 a.m. with 24-hour courtesy hours;
  • Take your books to one of the study or computer lounges in your residence hall;
  • Find a comfortable desk or soft chair at Thomas Library;
  • Spread out your work in a classroom in one of the academic buildings;
  • Set up at a table in the Post 95 or the CDR.
What size is the mattress in my room?

All of our residence halls offer extra-long twin mattresses and sheets purchased should be the extra-long twin size. You may purchase extra-long twin sheets from our campus vendor, DormCo, along with any other linen, decor, or organizational supplies you might want for your room.

May I bring my own loft?

For quality control of safety standards, the only lofts permitted in the residence halls are those available through our campus-approved vendor Lofts can be rented for all residence halls, and all of our beds are designed to bunk.

Are there computers in my residence hall?

Yes, in every residence hall you can use the computers around the clock to write a paper, research using the library's resources, e-mail a professor or friend, or browse the Internet. A network connects all the computers on campus in administration and academic buildings, and in every residence hall. All of our residence halls offer wireless internet. Students have the ability to print across campus and centralized printers are available in every academic building and the Student Center.

Are pets allowed in campus housing?

Students are not permitted to keep pets within any University housing or on campus grounds. Fish are the only exception to the pet policy in suitable aquariums (10 gallons max; only 1 permitted per student). If you are trying to decide whether to set up an aquarium, please keep in mind that halls close over the Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring breaks, and all electrical appliances are to be unplugged. Aquariums must also be drained for each break and fish taken home.

Animals, including pets, are not permitted in Wittenberg University housing with the exception of Service Animals or University-approved Assistance Animals for individuals with disabilities. The only other exception allowed is for Service Dogs being trained through 4 Paws for Ability, Inc. of Xenia, Ohio. All 4Paws Service Dogs must be approved through the Wittenberg University 4Paws organization and Residence Life and are limited to approved Witten'Burbs residences.

Is there storage during the year?

We do not have storage space available during the school year nor are we able to offer storage over the summer. There are many nearby storage unit facilities available in the Springfield area. We also encourage student to consider our campus partner, DormRoomMovers, to assist with their storage and moving needs.

Is campus safe?

In an ideal world, campuses across the country would be crime free. Unfortunately, we know that campuses are not immune from everyday occurrences in life. Every community member has a responsibility to follow campus expectations and to report suspicious or concerning behavior to keep our campus as safe as possible. Wittenberg Police officers patrol the campus 24 hours a day and are available in case of emergency. Blue Light Campus Assistance Phones (CAP) are located throughout campus and Tiger Transport is available to the entire Wittenberg community daily from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m. during the academic year.

May I bring a bike or car?

Both are allowed. Your bicycle can be locked in the racks outside the residence halls: we recommend a high-security shackle lock. Public areas inside the residence hall are not appropriate for storing your bike.

You can get around Springfield without a car. A city bus can take you to the mall or one of several other shopping locations in Springfield. Within two blocks of campus, you have access to several fast food places and restaurants, a deli, hair and tanning salons, a drug store, gift shop, coffee shop, dry cleaners, and convenience mart.

If you bring a car, be aware that parking is limited. Expect to park a greater distance from your residence hall than the distance between your driveway/garage and your home. All cars on campus must be registered. To register your vehicle, you may visit the Police and Security department, located in the Recitation Annex. The department is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Vehicle registration can also be done online, by logging on to MyWitt and clicking on "Biographical Information Update" and clicking on the Vehicle Update link. Failure to register your vehicle may result in a fine.

Does Wittenberg carry insurance to cover my belongings in the halls?

Wittenberg University's property insurance does not cover the personal effects of students. Consult your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) to determine whether you are covered under their homeowner's insurance policy. If you are not covered, you are encouraged to secure renter's insurance for your protection against liability and loss of personal property. Students have the ability to opt into renter's insurance through GradGuard, the same company that offers tuition insurance. Students are prompted to consider this option when completing their Housing Agreement.

May I have items shipped to Wittenberg before I arrive on campus?

Yes! Anything shipped to you before your arrival on campus will be held for you at the Service Center in the lower level of the Benham-Pence Student Center. Please pick up your package(s) at your earliest convenience once you arrive.

You will discover your campus box number and combination on your housing assignment page on the housing portal. You will have the same mailbox - thus the same address - until you graduate from Wittenberg. Mailboxes are located on the lower level of the Benham-Pence Student Center. If you have any specific mailing questions, contact Michael Lindeman, Mailroom Coordinator at (937) 327-6300 or

This address can be used for all shipping and mailing services including US Postal Service, FedEx, and UPS, etc.
NOTE: Student's name should be the same as recorded with the Registrar. NO Nicknames. ALWAYS include the Campus Box #.

Student Name
734 Woodlawn Avenue
PO Box 6100, Campus Box #
Springfield, OH 45504

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