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    Academic Calendar 2020-21 School Year

    Spring 2021 Semester

    The spring 2021 semester is began on Tuesday, Jan. 19, one week later than originally planned. Knowing that travel of any kind increases the risk for COVID-19, there will be no spring break this year. However, we have scheduled a few days throughout the semester to allow for much needed renewal. These dates include: 2/25, 3/10, and 4/27. The University will also be closed for Good Friday on April 2, 2021.

    Classroom Environment & Accommodations

    University Provost Michelle Mattson continues to work with faculty leadership to keep disruptions in teaching and learning to a minimum, including forgoing the traditional Fall Break and Spring Break to accommodate the earlier opening/ending dates for classes. While Wittenberg hopes to offer as many in-person classes as possible, the University is also examining hybrid options.

    Faculty members are also continuing to develop ways to build flexibility into their courses, to support evolving student needs, and to meet all available public health guidance. As a residential liberal arts University, Wittenberg values personalized instruction and opportunities for students to work closely with their faculty to engage in active learning. Regardless of how a course is taught, faculty members are working to ensure a continuation of Wittenberg's high-impact personal learning in a welcoming residential environment.

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    Fall 2020 Semester

    Wittenberg University resumed in-person classes on Monday, Aug. 17, a week earlier than the originally scheduled date of Aug. 24. There was no Fall Break, and on-campus instruction for fall semester ended November 24, two days before Thanksgiving. The semester concluded with remote instruction and assessment after the Thanksgiving holiday.

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