Internships & Independent Study


Whether a student chooses a full-time internship during a period spent away from campus or a part-time internship near campus during the academic year, the experience provides an opportunity to combine theory learned in the classroom with real-world practice. It can be especially beneficial in the current job market, in which many organizations seek new college graduates who have experience or who can show evidence of superior internship performance.

Academic departments offer credit- bearing internships that are supervised by a faculty member in the department. The faculty member can help a student devise a plan for an internship experience that not only builds upon the student's academic preparation but also relates to the student's skill development and career interests. Resources in the Career Center Library include directories of internship opportunities in the United States and abroad and copies of internship proposal forms submitted by former students.

A student with junior or senior standing is eligible to undertake an internship for academic credit.

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Independent Study

A student may take a course by independent study. An independent study is viewed as an "adventure in scholarship." In most cases an independent study involves an in-depth look at a topic introduced in a current course or a study of a topic not covered by a current course offering. A student who wishes to take a course by independent study should consult both the professor who logically would be the study supervisor and his or her faculty adviser.

Independent and Internship proposal forms are available in the Registrar's Office. The completed proposal is submitted to the Provost's Office for approval during advising week of the semester immediately preceding the internship or independent study experience. A total of sixteen semester hours of credit through a combination of internships, independent study, and/or senior thesis is permitted. A maximum of eight hours of internship credit is possible.

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