Amount of work to be carried

A normal load is 16 credits per semester. A student must carry 12 credits to be full-time. Full-time tuition covers 12 through 19 credits. A student who wishes to carry more than 19 credits must request permission to overload by petitioning the Registrar. The 20th credit triggers the first per-credit overload charge, with each additional credit generating the same per-credit fee.

Advising Week

During Advising Week, each student is required to meet with her or his Faculty Academic Advisor to review her or his academic plans for the semester. Be certain to check with your department to determine how and when to make an appointment to meet with your advisor.


You are expected to register for the next semester during the designated registration period. View the Current Academic Calendar for registration dates and the Online Course Information for current course offerings and descriptions.

Change of Registration

You may add/drop normal fall and spring semester courses according to the following schedule:

  1. Adds are permitted only during first week of the semester. Adds can be processed through Self Service found at
  2. Drops without penalty (no "W" grade) are through the fifth week of the semester. Drops can be processed through Self Service found at
  3. Drops with a grade of "W" are permitted through the eleventh week of the semester. Drops with a grade of "W" can be processed through Self Service found at All drops/withdrawals after this date appear on the student transcript with a grade of "F."

First year students can add, drop, and drop with a grade of "W" using the Self-Service found at All requests for first year students require the approval of the faculty and advisor.

Note: Courses that meet for fewer than 15 weeks have different deadlines. Look at the Current Academic Calendar for all add/drop deadlines.

All Adds/Drops must be processed before the specified dates in the official Current Academic Calendar. Credit or grades may not be adjusted on the academic record after the deadline. Adds/Drops that occur after the first day of the semester do not qualify a student for a refund of tuition or overload fees.

SOCHE Cross Registration

SOCHE is the Southwestern Ohio Consortium of Higher Education. Under certain circumstances, you may register for a course at a SOCHE-member institution.

  • you must be enrolled at Wittenberg as a degree-seeking student;
  • the course must not be offered at Wittenberg;
  • the course must be credit bearing;
  • you must register for the same or more number of courses at Wittenberg as at the host school.

How to Register:

  1. Complete the student portion of the SOCHE registration form
  2. Meet with your academic advisor and obtain written permission
  3. Bring the form to the Registrar in Reci Hall, Room 21...remember if the course is offered at Wittenberg, you will not be permitted to take the course through SOCHE cross registration
  4. Take the course to the SOCHE coordinator at the Host institution during that institution's SOCHE registration period

The course(s) will appear on your Wittenberg University academic record as Wittenberg coursework. Tuition will be charge through and paid to Wittenberg. You are responsible for paying lab fees, books, and other incidental fees such as parking required by the host school.


  • The course will be billed as a Wittenberg course and your financial aid package will be applied as appropriate;
  • You will not have to complete the Transfer Credit Request Form;
  • You may be able to enlarge the scope of your major program.
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