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  • Grad Guard- Protecting Your Personal Property

    As noted in your housing contract, Wittenberg assumes no financial responsibility over the personal property of residents nor will the institution be financially responsible for large-scale, unintentional damage caused to university property by on-campus residents, such as a fire or water damage.

    GradGuard Renters Insurance is a smart investment for college students and their families. With the GradGuard Renters Insurance plan, personal items that are stolen or damaged by a covered cause of loss can be replaced, subject to a low deductible. GradGuard Renters Insurance also protects students financially from large-scale, unintentional damage they may cause to their residence hall or bodily injury they may cause to others for which they are legally liable.

    Features of GradGuard Renters Insurance for Wittenberg students include:

  • Low $100.00 Deductible: Compared to $500, $1000, or more for a typical homeowners insurance policy.

  • Replacement Cost: If your personal property is stolen or damaged due to a covered peril, it can be replaced with an item of like kind and quality.

  • Worldwide coverage: Your personal belongings are protected even when you’re away from campus, traveling, or studying abroad.

  • Electronics coverage: Your electronics, including your TV, laptop, smartphone, and tablet are covered up to the policy limits.

  • Personal Liability Coverage: If you cause damage to university property or injure others, you may be liable for the damages. Renters insurance from GradGuard provides up to $300,000 in personal liability coverage. For example, if you unintentionally set off your building’s sprinkler system, liability protection can help pay for the resulting damages.

  • An Alternative to Homeowners Insurance: Not all homeowners insurance policies are the same. Limitations may apply when the property is away from the principal residences. Unlike homeowners insurance, your premium will not increase if you make a claim on the policy.

  • GradGuard’s Renters Insurance is underwritten by Markel® American Insurance Company. Claims and coverages are subject to language, limits and exclusions, and policy. Visit to get more information about their coverage and a quote.

Receiving Mail

  • All undergraduate Wittenberg students are provided a campus mailbox, located on the first floor of the Student Center. To receive mail and packages, please be sure to use the addresses below. You can find your box number on your Housing Portal.
  • Graduate student residents are not automatically assigned a campus mailbox. If you would like to request one, please contact University Mail Services.

Mail/Packages sent via regular postal mail service:
Student's full name
Wittenberg University , Box ______
P.O. Box 6100
Springfield, OH 45501-6100

Mail/Packages sent via FedEx or UPS:
Student's full name
Wittenberg University , Box ______
734 Woodlawn Avenue
Springfield, OH 45504

Witten'Burbs Mail/Packages:

  • We discourage Witten'Burbs students from using their Housing Assignment as a way to get mail. We cannot help students find missing mail or packages if they do not send them through the university system. However, if students choose to use their House addresses to receive mail, they assume all responsibility for lost or stolen mail/packages. 
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