Reporting Incidents on Campus

As a member to the Wittenberg community, the Office of Student Conduct encourages you to play a vital part in addressing incidents that affect you, your peers and your campus. If you have questions or concerns about which reporting structure to use, please contact the Office of Student Conduct.

Report a NON-Academic/Misconduct Violation

Non-academic violations include any possible Code of Conduct/policy that is not related to an allegation of cheating or plagiarism (e.g. alcohol, drugs, harassment, vandalism, disorderly conduct, etc.).

Sexual Misconduct/Title IX Violation

This form should be used to report an incident involving an alleged violation of the Title IX Policy (including sexual discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and/or stalking). This report form can be utilized by anyone wishing to file a report on their own behalf or by anyone wishing to file a report on behalf of a Wittenberg University community member.

Please note that all faculty, staff and administrators, with the exception of those working in a confidential capacity (e.g., counselors, rape crisis advocates, medical providers and clergy), are expected to report any disclosures involving allegations of sexual discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence or stalking.

CARE Report

Students who are in crisis or who are exhibiting concerning or worrisome behaviors often need additional attention in order to ensure they are safe, the community is safe, and that they continue to be successful while at Wittenberg University. Faculty, staff, students and guests are encouraged to report behavior they perceive as concerning, worrisome or threatening.

Bias Education & Resource Report Form

Faculty, staff, students and guests who have experienced or have knowledge of a bias incident within our Wittenberg University community are encouraged to report the event using our Bias Incident Report Form. Your report will be completely anonymous unless you enter your name and contact information, which are optional. If an electronic form does not suit your needs, we would be happy to meet you and take the report in person. You can reach us at to schedule a meeting.

Appeal Form

Students and student organizations reserve the right to appeal any disciplinary decision made by the Dean of Students' designee or the University Hearing Board. The appeal is not intended to re-hear or re-argue the same case. The appeal must state the specific grounds for the appeal and should include all supporting documentation. Appeals must be made within three (3) class days following written notification of the action taken.

Confidential Reporting Form

If you suspect crime occurring or see suspicious activity on campus and you would like to report it confidentially, please fill out this form. The Confidential Tips form is used for gathering INFORMATION ONLY. To report a crime or incident, call the Wittenberg Police Department at 937-327-6363.

Witt Tip

  • See something? Say Something! Text Witttip and your message to 50911. Please be as specific as possible when texting information.
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