Collin’s Law Hazing Report

Collin's Law: Ohio's Anti-Hazing Act was signed into law in July 2022.

This law requires institutions of higher education in the state of Ohio to disclose information about all violations of the institution’s anti-hazing policy or other state laws regarding hazing that are reported to the institution. Each institution will post the report on its publicly accessible website. In compliance with the act, the Division of Student Development publishes this information in January and August of each year.

The following information is included:

  • The name of the subject of each report.
  • The date when the subject of the report was charged with a violation of the institution’s policy or other state law regarding hazing.
  • A general description of the violation, any investigation and findings by the institution, and any penalties imposed on the subject of the report.
  • The date on which the matter was resolved.
  • Hazing violations that have been reported to the institution for the past five consecutive years.

For information regarding Wittenberg’s Anti-Hazing Policy, click here.

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