Wittenberg University views its role in the administration of institutional policy as one of both ensuring fairness and providing an educational opportunity for the student.

This approach protects the campus community by providing a system of sanctions that are educational and hold students accountable for violating University policies.

Integrity   |   Responsibility   |   Respect

Our Foundation

Wittenberg University's community obligates each member to a code of civilized and ethical behavior. The Wittenberg University student conduct system supports the goals of the University by providing and maintaining behavioral standards and expectations for students that promote:

  • safety and security
  • personal dignity
  • self-regulation of behavior
  • respect for the rights of others

Thus, students create an environment essential to the healthy development of the individual and community while enhancing student engagement, satisfaction and success.

Our Goals

  • Collaborating with students, faculty, and other key members of the university community to improve awareness of value-based behaviors;
  • Engaging students in discussions about their behavior in light of the requisites of community living and the academic mission of the university;
  • Providing learning experiences for students who participate in the implementation of the conduct process; and
  • Enforcing university policies and procedures fairly and consistently.
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