What to Expect

I was documented by my RA or a Wittenberg Police Officer. What should I do?

  • Look for an email. A staff member in the Office of Student Conduct will be emailing you in regard to a scheduled meeting concerning the incident. If the date/time does not work, you will need to contact the hearing officer to reschedule. Their contact information will be located on the letter you receive.

Will my parents find out?

  • We encourage you to discuss this incident with your parents. If you are found responsible for violating either the alcohol code or the drug code and are under the age of 21, we will send a letter to your parents notifying them you were found responsible for violating University policy. Parental notification may also be utilized with an administrators discretion when permitted by FERPA or consent of the student.

Will information about my violation be noted on my transcript?

  • Only dismissal of a student is noted on the student's transcript. Any disciplinary report or complaint will be placed in the student's disciplinary file. All violations of university policy will be noted on the respondent's electronic file indefinitely. The record is confidential under the Family Education Right to Privacy Act (FERPA). Wittenberg will not release or permit access to educational records except as otherwise protected by FERPA. The educational record may be accused by the student, or other individuals with the students' authorization, or in response to a court order. The educational record may also be shared with other members of the academic community with a legitimate need to know.

I was arrested off-campus. Why am I also being charged with allegedly violating University policy?

  • From the moment you are accepted to the University until you are granted a degree, you represent Wittenberg University and its community. Therefore, the Student Code of Conduct applies to conduct that occurs on Wittenberg University's premises, at Wittenberg University's sponsored activities, and off-campus conduct that adversely affects Wittenberg University's community and/or pursuit of its objectives.

I have a hold on my account for not completing my sanctions. What should I do?

  • In order to have the hold removed from your account, you need to complete the assigned sanction(s). If you have a question about your sanction(s) or need information about your sanctions, please call the Office of Student Conduct at 937-327-7800.

What if I'm not happy with the outcome of my hearing?

  • Students and student organizations reserve the right to appeal any disciplinary decision. The appeal is not intended to re-hear or re-argue the same case, and is limited to the specific grounds outlined in the Student Code of Conduct. Appeals should be submitted using the Appeal Form on the Student Conduct website.

How do you determine sanctions?

  • Several factors are considered when determining sanctions including a student's prior disciplinary history, the severity of the incident, the student's willingness to accept responsibility for their actions, and University precedent for the violation. Sanctions are designed to be educational in nature and are tailored to the individual students.

I want to go to graduate school (or medical school, law school, etc). Will potential schools find out about my violation(s)?

  • Most schools will ask about violations of the Student Code on the application for admission. We always encourage students to answer this question honestly. We will not provide information to a school without your written consent.
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