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Wittenberg's Information Technology Services (ITS) Department is committed to ensuring students, faculty, staff and alumni have a productive, enjoyable and meaningful experience using university technology.

News and Information

Weekly Maintenance Notice:

Server and software maintenance will occur weekly on Wednesdays from 5-7AM. Please log out of campus computers but do not turn them off. Work may be lost during this time if you remain logged in.

How to get Help from the ITS department

If you need help with a campus computer, the network, e-mail or other Technology related issue you can contact the ITS Solution Center:
Phone: (937) 525-3801
Walk-In Support: Located on the Thomas Library Main Level
ITS Work Order system:

Some helpful information:

Wireless Connection Information
How to connect your devices to the Campus Wireless network, from notebooks to gaming consoles

Wittenberg University's Office 365 Option
What is Office 365, how to access it and download it

How to access your Wittenberg email on your mobile device
How to setup your Mobile device to connect to your campus e-mail account

Printing on Campus
The printing options available at Wittenberg University

Remote/Virtual Desktop Guide
When you are off-campus or using a personal computer and need access to some campus software, the Virtual desktop system can help

Common Questions and Answers
Some common questions about Accounts, Computer Use, and giving presentations on campus

Personal Computers & Devices on Campus
What computer should I buy, as well as software, and what devices can I and can I not bring to campus?

Digital Cable on Campus
Wittenberg University has Digital Cable service from Time Warner Cable.

Moodle is Wittenberg's Online Course Management system.

Voice over IP Polycom Phones
We have replaced our older phone system, with a new system and new Polycom Phones

Skype for Business
What is Skype for Business, and how can it be used?

Managing Student Organization Lists
How should a student organization manage their membership lists?

Policies and Terms of Use for Technology at Wittenberg University
The various sets of policies that govern how Technology can be used on campus

About ITS

Wittenberg University's Information Technology Services (ITS) Department has made a commitment to continuously improve its service, and the technology environment to ensure our students, faculty, staff, and alumni have a productive, enjoyable, and meaningful experience while using its computer facilities. The ITS Department continually works with the Cabinet and the Board of Directors in reviewing and modifying the plan which is used to develop specific directions.

The strategic plan that guides Wittenberg in these goals has the following objectives:

  • To improve the effectiveness of the university's quality of service
  • To improve access and delivery of all types of information
  • To assist in the use of technology to support teaching and learning
  • To maximize the use of current resources while expanding the role of technology by integrating voice, video and data
  • To continually revise the strategic plan to include new initiatives and remain in alignment with the overall strategic plan of the university

List of Staff members in ITS

This document last reviewed August 10th, 2017

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