Managing Mailing Lists

Managing Mailing Lists

Managing mailing lists can be done using the Windows version of the Microsoft Outlook Desktop client, or through the Web Page interface. There is currently no method to manage mailing lists using the Macintosh Outlook Desktop client, so for Macintosh users, the Web Page interface is the only option for managing the mailing lists. Only Wittenberg e-mail addresses can be added to campus mailing lists.

Windows Microsoft Outlook Desktop Client
1. Open the Microsoft Outlook desktop clientOutlook Desktop icon
2. Open the Address book, by either clicking on the Address book icon from the home ribbon, or pressing the Ctrl+Shift+B keys on the keyboardOutlook Desktop icon
3. Enter in the name of the list to find it in the address book searchOutlook Desktop icon
4. Double-click on the list to open its propertiesOutlook Desktop icon
5. Click the Modify Members… buttonOutlook Desktop icon
6. To ADD a member click the "Add…" button

6a. Search for the user in the address book

6b. Highlight the user and click the Add button at the bottom (You can add as many at this point as you need)

6c. When finished click the OK button

add button
add user from addressbook
add user button
7. To Remove a member highlight them in the list, and click the Remove buttonremove button
8. When finished click Ok, at the bottom, to close the Modify Membership windowOK button
9. When finished click Ok to close the Modify Membership windowOK button
Web Page Interface
1. Sign into sign in
2. Click on the Cog icon at the top-right, and then click on “View all outlook settings”click cog
3. Select the General option, then select Distribution groupsselect general
4. Click the link at the end of "To manage Distribution groups, go to the Exchange Admin Center or this portal"select general
On the right column will be listed the lists you can manage.

5. Select the list you want to manage and click the edit/pencil icon above the lists

select list
6. Select the membership optionselect membership
7. To Add a member click the “+” sign at the top

7a. Select the Default Global Address list on the left

7b. Search for the user you wish to add, and click the + to add them (you can repeat this for as many members as you need)

7c. 10. When finished click save at the bottom

NOTE: while it looks like you can add addresses from your own address book to these lists, it will not actually work

add plus button
Outlook sign in
click save
8. To Remove a member, select the member and click the "-" minus buttonselect membership
9. When finished click the Save button to save the changesselect membership

Last reviewed 2023-06-27

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