Wittenberg Campus Wireless

Wittenberg Campus Wireless

How to connect your devices to the Campus Wireless network, from notebooks to gaming consoles.

Witt-Secure: Wireless for Student, Faculty and Staff

NOTE: This is not for TVs and Gaming Devices, see the witt-air section for that

  • Make sure that the Wireless is enabled on your desktop, notebook or mobile device
  • Select Witt-Secure
  • When prompted for a username and password enter in your Campus Username and Campus Password
  • NOTE: A dialog box may appear saying that the server cannot be validated, or there is a certificate error. This is a false positive, the connection is still secure. Simply click Continue to connect.

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Witt-Guest: Guest Wireless for PCs, Macintoshes and Mobile Devices

If you are a Student, Faculty or Staff member it is recommended that you use Witt-Secure as appropriate and to NOT use Witt-Guest.

  • Make sure that the Wireless is enabled on your desktop, notebook or Mobile Device
  • Select Witt-Guest
  • If your web browser does not open automatically, open your web browser. Then agree to the terms of use.
  • Witt-Guest will only allow connections for 8-hours, after which you will have to re-register for a connection to Witt-Guest

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witt-air: Wireless for Gaming systems, SmartTVs, Chromecasts, AppleTV,and some Smart Home devices (e.g. Amazon Echo, Google Home)

Witt-Air is intended for use by gaming devices (e.g. Sony Playstations, Xbox, SmartTVs, Chromecasts, and AppleTVs). Notebooks and Mobile Devices cannot be used on witt-air.

  • Go to the network settings on the device
  • Identify your MAC (Multipurpose Access Controller) Address for the wireless connection
    This should be a 12 digit value, e.g. 001122334455
  • On another device, go to
    Note: there is an underscore between "self" and "registration"
    Note: You have to be connected to the campus network in order to access this web site (e.g. Witt-Secure, or campus computer)
  • Accept the certificate if prompted
  • Log in using your Campus username and Password
  • Accept the Acceptable Usage Policy
  • Select Add
  • Enter the wireless MAC address and a description of the device
  • Log out
  • Since witt-air is a hidden network, you will not see it listed. At the device select the option to connect to a hidden network, and when asked for the SSID enter in the following:

      Note: witt-air should be all lower case characters.
  • If the connection does not work, please contact the Solution Center

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Prohibited items: Wireless Printers and network devices

Since the network at Wittenberg University is not a home or personal network, it does not support wireless printers or network devices such as hubs, switches, and routers.

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This document last reviewed May 30th, 2024

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