Personal Computers & Devices

What computer should I buy?

Having a personal computer is not required to attend Wittenberg University. There are plenty of labs around campus for students to use in order to get course work accomplished.

You can also check out the Wittenberg University's Bookstore web page for some options as well.

With that in mind we do have recommendations in purchasing a computer for campus:

  • Notebook or Desktop: We recommend a notebook over desktop
  • Operating System: Should be Windows 10 Pro or Mac OS 13 (Ventura) or higher
    • Note: We do not recommend Chromebooks because of the numerous incompatibilities
  • Memory: at least 8 GBs of memory
  • Hard Drive: At least 500 GB (Solid State Drive a.k.a. SSD version is preferred)
  • Display / Screen: VGA and/or HDMI output or appropriate adapter
  • Networking: 802.11n minimum with 802.11ac preferred
  • Software: Students can download and install the Microsoft Office Suite by logging into with their campus credentials.
  • Accessories:
    • It is highly recommended that you have a headset (Headphone or Earbuds with Microphone)
    • It is highly recommended that you have a web camera
  • Other considerations:
    • Check into the warranty for the computer. What exactly is covered by the warranty? How long does the warranty last? What is the process for getting the system fixed or repaired under warranty?
    • It is always good to think about physical security of the computer. There are lock down cables that can be bought to secure a computer to a desk. In the case of portable devices, this might be worth looking into as you do not want to leave the device sitting on a desk while you are "away for a minute".

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What software should I buy?

Wittenberg University offers the Microsoft Office Suite to students through the Office 365 service. You can go to and sign in with your campus e-mail address and password, then click the download link. More information on the Office 365 offering can be found at the Office 365 webpage.

We also provide most of the software needed for course work on the campus systems in the labs around campus, so that you do not need to purchase it yourself.

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Can I bring a Gaming Console, SmartTV, Chromecast, AppleTV, Firestick and similar devices?

Gaming consoles, SmartTVs, Chromecasts, AppleTV, Firestick and similar devices and are allowed in the residence halls. They just have to be connected to a different wireless network than other devices, called "witt-air". More information about this can be found on the Campus Wireless and select the "witt-air: Wireless for Gaming systems, SmartTVs, Chromecasts and AppleTV" link.

IMPORTANT NOTE: At this time personal home assistant devices, such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, Alexa, or similar, are not supported on campus.

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What items am I NOT allowed to bring?

The following items are specifically NOT allowed on campus, and can lead to referral to the Office of Student Development if connected to our network

  • Wireless data access points, switches, routers or other hardware that changes the configuration of Wittenberg's physical network
  • No server version operating systems or applications are permitted
  • Wireless Printers (We do not support these on our network, and highly recommend against bringing one to campus, unless you plan on connecting via a cable directly to the printer).

In general anything that can potentially cause service problems for our campus network is not allowed. The list is not exhaustive, and we can decided on a case by case basis on whether something is allowed on our campus network. If you have any questions or concerns about a device you wish to bring to campus please contact the ITS Solution Center before bringing it to campus.

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Where can I use a personal device on campus?

All of Main Campus has been setup for Wireless Access, as well as the Academic buildings, Administrative buildings, Shouvlin Center, Student Center and Thomas Library. The Residence Halls are also setup for Wireless Access, including the Keller and Sprecher Apartments.

Fraternity and Sorority houses may have wireless in them, so contact your advisor/house manager to find out.

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What support can I get from the ITS Solution Center for my personal device?

The Wittenberg University ITS Solution Center is primarily tasked with supporting Campus computer systems, but we do provide limited support for personal systems.

The following is not an exhaustive list, nor a guarantee that the ITS Solution Center can provide help, and is provided without any implied warranty or guarantee:

  • Help setting up a system to connect to our campus wired or wireless networks
  • Help setting up a device to connect to your campus e-mail account

Some of the things Wittenberg University ITS Solution Center will not provide help with, again this is not an exhaustive list:

  • Hardware or software upgrades on personal systems
  • Hardware or software repairs
  • Restoring or recovering the operating system of personal systems from corruption, viruses or other malware
  • Connecting disallowed devices to the campus network, this includes Wireless Printers

If you have a question about what we can or cannot help with, feel free to contact the ITS Solution Center, and we can let you know, or maybe point you in the direction of where to find help with your personal device.

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This document last reviewed January 29th, 2024.

Wittenberg ITS Solution Center:

Enter & monitor your own ITS Work Order Tickets:
Phone:(937) 525-3801
Walk-in support:Located on the Thomas Library Main Level
Walk-in support Hours
Fall and Spring Semesters
Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Walk-in support Hours
Summer and Winter Break
Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
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