Wittenberg University Role-Playing Guild's Old Ones

Roster of the Old Ones of the Guild

(The Wittenberg Role-Playing Guild Alumni)

Through out the Guild's history we have had several members find fame, fortune and glory in the world since graduating from Wittenberg. Here is a Roster of several of such members, with snippets of their tales.

Videos of some Old Ones

Andy Klosky, Class of 2005
Guild Primogen
Guildmaster (2002-2005)

Andy Klosky was one of the Guild's founders, writing the original Guild Constitution, serving as the first Guildmaster, and coordinating the first three WittCons. Andy has put his English degree to good use as a freelance designer and editor for companies such as Cubicle 7 Entertainment, GameWick Games, and Gun Metal Games.

Andy has recently formed Blackfall Press, LLC to publish his first solo roleplaying game: Cold Steel Wardens: Roleplaying in the Iron Age of Comics. Andy successfully Kickstarted Cold Steel Wardens in December 2012 and will publish in conjunction with Chronicle City (UK).

Andy also maintains the "Scrolls of the PlatinumWarlock" a gaming blog.


 Blackfall press Scrolls of the Platinum Warlock
Cold Steel Wardens Blackfall Press LLC. Scrolls of the Platinum Warlock

Sarah Bay, Class of 2007
Guildmaster (2006-2007)
Scribe (2004-2006)

Sarah was the Guild Scribe for two years, finishing her time at Wittenberg as Guild Master in '06-'07. After Wittenberg she put her East Asian Studies major to use by teaching English in northern Japan for three years. Upon her return to the States in 2010 the economy and job market were in a sad state. This unexpected stretch of free time allowed Sarah to explore a hobby she'd long put off: chainmaille. Within three months Sarah sold her first commissioned piece and opened an Etsy shop dubbed GenesisMaille. GenesisMaille has attended several small gaming conventions and art shows in Michigan and Ohio including WittCon.

She still designs and creates chainmaille jewelry and accessories as a hobby and upon special request, but the expansion of GenesisMaille is currently on hold while Sarah is a graduate student at Wright State studying TESOL.

Genesis Maille
Genesis Maille

Eric Ebbs, Class of 2009

Eric, more commonly referred to as Ebbs, is currently working for Clark State Community College as an Instructional Technology and Audio/Visual Specialist. He is still an active member in the guild and helps to introduce new role playing, card, and board games to the members. He also has a large collection of miniatures and is hoping to offer miniature gaming to interested members.

Ebbs likes to create games and worlds and has created the company Mythical Eras of War, Games, LLC. (www.mythicalerasofwargames.com) to produce his first official board game Era of the Ninja. Current expectations are for a late fall release, with several other games to be released over the next year.

Era of the Ninja
Era of the Ninja

Katrina Lee (nee Ostrander), Class of 2012
Guildmaster (Summer, Fall 2012)
Katrina "Kat" Ostrander didn't play role-playing games until she joined the Guild in her sophomore year, where she cut her teeth as a Game Master and served as Guild President for a time. After graduating in '12 from Wittenberg she accepted a job at Fantasy Flight Games as an Associate Role-playing Game Producer working on the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire line. Her current developer credits include Under a Black Sun (available for download as a free PDF) and Beyond the Rim (available in stores Sept. '13).


She blogs about storytelling and other shenanigans on her website at TripleCrit.com

Fantasy Flight Games Under a Black Sun Beyond the Rim Triple Crit
Fantasy Flight Games Under a Black Sun Beyond the Rim Triple Crit

Will Herrmann, Class of 2012
Guildmaster (2010-2011)
Vice-Guildmaster (2011-2012)

For his Computer Science senior thesis project, Will Herrmann took his love of roleplaying games and his skills with computer programming and began work on "Wild Card Creator", a character creator for the Savage Worlds roleplaying game. Since then, he has formed Journeyman Games and used a Kickstarter drive to raise money to complete Wild Card Creator.

He also maintains The Journeyman GM, a roleplaying game blog

Wild Card Creator Journeyman Games

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