Wittenberg University Role-Playing Guild

The Wittenberg Role-Playing Guild provides a community for those interested in games on campus ranging from board games and role-playing games to miniatures and collectible card games, and even sometimes online games.

  • During the academic year we generally;
  • On Friday Nights we run Role-Playing One-shots of a wide variety of Game Systems and genres
  • On Saturday Nights we run Board Games from our wide collection of board games, as well as card games and even the occasional miniatures game
  • Once a month we hold a General Open Guild Meeting, usually the first Friday of the month
  • We also do group trips to local area gaming stores so we can check out what is new and maybe pick up a few things as well
  • Of course in March we hold our own Convention, WittCON!


WittCon XX, is currently being planned for March 29th 2025

  • Some General Guild posters you can print up to share:
  • (Click on the image to get the printable PDF)
  • Also we have new Execs for Fall 2023-Spring 202
    • GuildMaster: (Fall 2023-Spring 2024) W. Cale M.  
    • Vice-GuildMaster (Fall 2023-Spring 2024) Vacant
    • Scribe (Fall 2023 - Spring 2024) Ben S.
    • GoldMonger (Fall 2023-Spring 2024) Lee D.
    • Apprentice (Fall 2023-Spring 2024) Vacant

COVID-19 NOTICE (revised 2022-03-11)

  • The following requirements are in place for in person events:
  • Masks are no longer required, but are encouraged for those who are feeling ill



Upcoming Events

April 26th, 2024 8pm-Midnight
One Shot

Every Friday night we have a one-shot of a role-playing game, or miniatures, or other type of long form event in HWA Parkhurst Presidential Suite. Please email us if you plan on attending so we can get you instructions to the room.

More Information
Cobra United!!

Return of Cobra Characters and the fine abilities to thwart G.I. Joe!

April 20th, 2024 7pm-Midnight
Game Night

NOTE: This will start at 7pm and be held in Science 152a
Every Saturday night we play games from our varied collections of games, from board games to card games and more in the Student Center Li Room

More Information
Vampire the Masquerade: Blood Feud!

Blood Feud, a Mega Board Game is a highly thematic, team-based, strategic game that plays 4-32 players and is run by 1-2 storytellers who also interact and play in the Mega Board Game. The game is "Round-based" and each round is timed in real-time (such as the First Round being about 10 Minutes). As the game progresses, the rounds decrease in time making the game go faster and become even more thrilling!

As a player, you will play as one of the warring vampire clans such as Ventrue, Tremere, Gangrel, Toreador (and others) or perhaps you'll choose to become one of the human factions fighting for their own desires, such as City Hall, the Mafia, or the Arcanum, with many more to choose from. Each has their own special powers, and unique background stories to help you get into character and play uniquely. Each faction also has unique goals in how they want to play the game asymmetrically which creates awesome replayability throughout sessions.

Contacting the Role-Playing Guild

To get in touch with us please feel free to drop us an e-mail at "RxPxGuildx@xwittenbergx.xedu"



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