Wittenberg University Role-Playing Guild's Annual WittCon Gaming Convention - Artists and Vendors

Information for Artists and Vendors

Important information

While we have announced the date for WittCon XVII.LXXV as March 19th, 2022, we have not opened up the registration for artists and vendors at this time. Once we have an idea of how many tables we have available we will announce here if we have any open tables. So please stay tuned.

Cost per Table
  • $7 per table
  • The cost includes admissions for one artist/vendor and one additional person regardless of how many tables
  • The cost includes pizza and soda during the dinner break for the artist/vendor and one additional person
  • To register for a table please send us an email at
  • Please include the following information when making your request:
    • Your company's name (How you would like us to display it)
    • Your name (for contact purposes)
    • A web site address for your company
    • A picture to use for your company
    • A short paragraph about your company
    • If you want 1 or 2 tables
      • We have limited tables so we can't easily accommodate more than 2 tables per artists/vendor
      • We also will try to accommodate table sizes, but we are again limited in those regards
  • Payment will be handle the day of the convention at the Registration table.
  • The Registration table opens at 9am, and will be in the lobby of the Barbara Deer Kuss Science Center
Setup and Tear Down
  • We do not have the ability to secure the building prior to the Convention, so we cannot do setup the night before
  • We will open up the building up at 8am the day of in order to let artists and vendors in for setup
  • We ask that artists and vendors stay setup through to the dinner break. At which time you can partake of the dinner and use the time to load up anything you need.
  • WittCon will be held in the Barbara Deer Kuss Science Center on Wittenberg University Campus
  • The Street address for the Barbara Deer Kuss Science Center is 315 Bill Edwards Drive, Springfield, Ohio 45504
  • Directions to Campus
  • The map of campus, The Barbara Deer Kuss Science Center is top-left of the map
  • Barbara Deer Kuss Science Center web page
  • Parking can be found at the corner of Plum and Bill Edwards drive, as well as across campus at the Student Center Parking Lot.
    We plan to utilize the Parking area behind Hollenbeck Hall for Artists and Vendors, to help with unloading and loading of wares
  • The registration table is located in the lobby of building, which is on the center of the south side of the building
  • If you need special accommodations please reach out to us at our email address
Other information
  • Content: WittCon is a family friendly event, so please take that into consideration when bringing artwork and wares to WittCon. We may ask that you take down or remove artwork or wares at our discretion. If you are unsure please ask us ahead of time.
  • Food wares:Due to an agreement with the University's dining services we are VERY limited in what we can allow for purchase as far as food wares. So if you are planning on bring food items for sale, please ask us before you bring them to see if we can get an exception or not.
  • Alcohol: This is an alcohol free event, which means there will be no alcohol allowed on the premises
  • Pictures: Be aware that pictures will be taken at the convention and may be posted online and used in University publications.
  • Questions:If you have any questions or concerns please e-mail us at
Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

The Wittenberg University Role-Playing Guild is governed by it's own Code of Conduct which aligns with the University's Harassment policies as outlined in the following document:
We do not tolerate harassment of members or attendees of the convention. If you feel that you have been harassed or have seen harassment please let a Guild Member or Guild Exec know immediately and we will work to handle it accordingly.

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