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Math Placement

About Your Score

Beginning academic year 2016-2017, the previous 2-digit math placement (MP) scores will be converted to a single digit score as follows:

Old MP Score

New MP Score

MP Level Meaning

Commonly Taken Introductory Courses at Each MP Level
REQ = Required
REC = Recommended

11, 21


Not adequately prepared for quantitative (Q) courses. It is recommended or required (depending on the course) that MP score is raised before taking these courses. Visit the Math Workshop to raise score via ALEKS.


12, 22

13, 23


Prepared for an algebra-based college level course (statistics, math for liberal arts, certain quantitative (Q) courses on campus). NOTE: some such courses have a recommended math placement score.

ACCT 225 Financial Accounting (REQ)
BUSN 210Q Business & Economics Statistics (REQ)
COMP 121Q Computing in Arts & Sciences (REC)
COMP 150Q Computer Programming I (REC)
ECON 190S Principles of Economics (REC)
MATH 112Q Language of Mathematics (REC)
MATH 118 Math for Elem/M.S. Teachers (REC)
MATH 119 Geometry for Elem/M.S. Teachers (REC)
MATH 127Q Introductory Statistics (REC)
PHIL 110R Logic and Critical Reasoning (REC)
PHYS 107N Astronomy (REC)
POLI 260 Methodology (REQ)
PSYC 201Q Statistics (REQ)
SOCI 307 Research Methods (REQ)

14, 24


Prepared for Pre-Calculus and certain higher level quantitative (Q) courses

MATH 120 Elementary Functions (Pre-Calculus) (REQ)
CHEM 121 Models of Chemical Systems I (REQ)

15, 25


Prepared for Calculus I or Essentials of Calculus

MATH 131 Essentials of Calculus (REQ)
MATH 201 Calculus I (REQ)
PHYS 200 Mechanics and Waves (REQ)

How To Raise Your Math Placement Score

The math placement test deals with algebraic manipulation skills needed for minimal algebra, statistics and pre-calculus classes. Through the review of high school algebra and other topics, the students can raise their math placement level for required or desired M and Q classes. A student’s choice of major will determine how much review needs completed and what final math placement level is needed for their major completion.

Raising the math placement score is done by working on ALEKS, an online learning program. The ALEKS program is used to raise the math placement score to a "2", "3" or "4" (depending on your major). The ALEKS activation code can be purchased at the bookstore or online. Once the ALEKS activation code has been purchased, visit the Math Workshop and we will walk you through the initial set-up of ALEKS and get your started on the initial assessment. If you want to purchase the activation code online at the Workshop, we can definitely help you with this also.  The initial set-up and assessment typically is done in the Math Workshop, and typically takes 1 to 1.25 hours during this visit. The final assessment is also typically done in the Math Workshop once you have mastered 100% of the topics. All other work on ALEKS can be done from any computer with internet capabilities both on or off campus. This process can also be done during the summer, even if you are not local to the Wittenberg campus. We can help you set up the program over the phone so please give us a call during the summer business hours and we can get you set up! Please have a credit card handy and a computer with Internet access available for when you call.

Riaisng your placement score to a “4” via ALEKS takes quite a bit of time. Students who need to raise their score to a "4" have two options: work on ALEKS as described above, or take MATH 120Q Elementary Funcations (Pre-Calculus).

If you have any questions about your math placement score or how to raise your score, please contact the Director of the Math Workshop, Obed Lewis, at

Math Placement Level Requirements by Major

Click here for a list of math placement scores needed for each major/minor.

ACT/SAT Score Equivalents

The change from a 2 digit math placement score to a single digit math placement score has also included a number of other methods to meet the math placement other than taking the math placement test.

Students may take the math placement test and will receive a score of 1, 2, 3 or 4 depending on the level of the proficiency.   The math placement score will then be used as prerequisites for course registration.  A student can also use their SAT/ACT math scores or AP scores to determine their math placement level.  If a student decides to take the math placement exam and also submit SAT/ACT scores, the student's highest math placement level from all submitted options will prevail.

Additional ways to determine the math placement score are below:

Alternative score options

Math Placement Score

ACT Score below 20

Math Placement Level 1

ACT score 20 – 21

Math Placement Level 2

ACT score 22 – 24

Math Placement Level 3

ACT score 25 and above

Math Placement Level 4

SAT score below 470

Math Placement Level 1

SAT score 470 – 500

Math Placement Level 2

SAT score 510 - 570

Math Placement Level 3

SAT score 580 and above

Math Placement Level 4

AP CALC test score 2,3,4 or 5

Math Placement Level 4

AP PHYS 1 and 2 with score 4 or 5

Math Placement Level 4

AP PHYS C with score 4 or 5

Math Placement Level 4

Transfer Pre-Calculus course

Math Placement Level 4

Transfer Calculus course

Math Placement Level 4


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