Math Workshop Tutors

The majority of tutors who work at the Math Workshop have taken courses up to or beyond Calculus II. The Math Workshop's head tutors are, as a general rule, math or science majors and are available to help students who are in advanced math courses. Some of the tutors are not math majors but rather have specialized knowledge in particular subjects like chemistry, computer science, economics, education, logic, physics or statistics.

Math Workshop Director: Obed Lewis, Jr.

Student Manager: Julia Burch

Advertising Coordinator: Mackenzie Hessick

Head Tutors:

  • Clara Anderson
  • Sarah Hettich
  • Zach Howe
  • Casey Conrad
  • Claire DeWeese
  • Amanda Lam
  • Austin O'Quinn

Tutor Schedules

Employment Opportunities

If you would like the opportunity to share your expertise with your peers, then tutoring in the Math Workshop may be the place for you. Besides providing a valuable service to students, tutors will gain deeper insight into their subject area, develop even stronger problem-solving skills, reinforce your ability to communicate and think clearly, logically, and creatively, and build your self-confidence. Tutoring is especially advantageous if you are considering a career in teaching, whether it be math or a math-related field of study.

Students must meet the following requirements for employment in the Math Workshop:

  1. Grade point average of 3.0 or higher.
  2. Completion of the course intended to tutor (i.e. Calculus I and II for math tutors) with a B or higher.
  3. Complete an application form available in the Math Workshop.
  4. Two letters of recommendation from a person that can comment on the tutor's math and/or tutoring ability.
  5. Personal interview with the Math Workshop Director.

Please stop in anytime to discuss this rewarding employment opportunity!


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