Tutor@Witt Tutoring Program

The Tutor @ Witt tutoring program offers an off-campus tutoring program as a service to the Springfield community. We are dedicated to providing high-quality personalized tutoring service for elementary and high school students in frequently requested for all subject areas. 

In addition to mathematics, we provide tutoring in a variety of subjects, including English, Social Studies, Chemistry, and Physics. Tutors are available for any grade, K through 12.

Obed Lewis, the Director of the Math Workshop, administers the off-campus tutor program.

When a call comes in for a tutor, the Math Workshop receptionist will refer the call to the Director, Obed Lewis, or if unavailable, will take down registration information. 

We request the following information for registration: Name of the caller, phone number, relationship to the one needing our service, name of the student, grade and name of the school, subject to be tutored in (Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Calculus, Reading Comprehension, etc.), and also what days and times the student is available to meet.

Once a student is registered, depending on the subject requested they will be matched with a tutor.  Tutoring sessions are conducted here on campus in the Thomas library, unless otherwise arranged by the tutor/tuttee.

The rate is $15.00 per hour paid to the tutor prior to session. 

All records are kept on file by the Director.

If interested in finding a tutor for your K through 12 student, please contact Obed Lewis via telephone at 937-327-6155 or via e-mail at olewis@wittenberg.edu.

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