Math Placement FAQs

Below you will find some information and frequently asked questions pertaining to students take the math placement exam, as well as raising their score.

1) I have never taken the math placement exam. Where do I go to take it? How long does it take to be graded?

  • You can take the math placement exam anytime at
  • You will use you Wittenberg username and password to login, and then follow the on-screen instructions for the Math Placement Exam. Your score will be uploaded into the campus system (Colleague/Datatel) about an hour after completion.

2) Do I have to take the math placement exam if I submitted the ACT/SAT scores to Wittenberg?

  • Yes, the Registrar’s office requires that there be a math placement exam score on file before they use an ACT (or SAT) score as a replacement score.

3) I submitted my ACT/SAT/AP scores and took the math placement exam. What happens if my math placement exam score is lower/higher than these equivalencies?

  • The higher score prevails, for example, if you score a 3 on the math placement exam and earned a 2 from, say, an ACT equivalency, then your score will be a 3.

4) I took the math placement exam, but would like to use my ACT/SAT/AP score to increase my math placement exam score. How do I do this?

  • The Registrar’s Office needs a written request from the student asking to use their ACT or SAT score for placement. If a student has already submitted their ACT or SAT scores to Wittenberg, they need to email the Registrar's Office ( to request to use their ACT/SAT score to increase their math placement level. If the student has not submitted their score and wants to use it for their placement, they must submit a request through College Board to send their scores to Wittenberg. The Registrar's Office cannot accept scores directly from the student, since they could be photoshopped, edited, etc. The website for College board is: Not sure if you've had your scores sent to Wittenberg already? Contact to ask if they are on file.

5) How do I find out how I did on the math placement exam?

  • Students can log into Self Service, click the menu button on the left side of the screen and find "Academics," then click "Test Summary."  If the math placement score can not be seen, students can also e-mail Obed Lewis at to find out there score.

6)    How long does it take to raise your math placement score?

  • Below are estimates/rough averages for how long each level jump takes. Some students finish quicker and some it does takes longer – it all depends on when their last math class was and what skill level they are at when they are beginning the process.
    To go from 1 to a 2: about 20-25 hours
    To go from 1 to a 3: about 75-85 hours
    To go from 1 to a 4: about 125-130 hours (not much data on this leap!)
    To go from 2 to a 3: about 40-50 hours
    To go from 2 to a 4: About 100 hours (again not many students have done this)
    To go from 3 to a 4: About 75-80 hours (depends on their retention level also)

7) Where does a student go to raise their math placement score using ALEKS?

  • If a student needs to raise their Math Placement score, please ask them to e-mail Obed Lewis at to set up a personal call or meeting to sign up for ALEKS and talk about  the process with them. More information on how to raise their score can be found here.

8) How much does ALEKS cost?

  • Currently ALEKS has a very strange pricing structure. It costs $32.12 for 6 weeks, $71.38 for 11 weeks, and there are three longer lengths for additional money; but the 6 weeks is the best deal all around! If a student does not get finished with ALEKS in the 6-week period, they can purchase an extension for another $32.12 and they will continue where they left off.

9) Can raising my score using ALEKS be done completely off campus?  

  • Typically, we require the setup of ALEKS and also the final exam to be done in the Math Workshop. However, we allow this process to be completely done remotely/off-campus if the student is unable to meet or wants to do this over summer/breaks.

Location: Lower Level, Thomas Library

Director: Obed Lewis, Jr.
Telephone: (937) 327-7041

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