Today, half of our group finished painting the second school, Lichecheng. The other half continued building up the community center. In the morning, we added two swings and a fire pole to the playground at the community center. Many many kids enjoyed playing on the new equipment with us. In the classrooms at Lichecheng, we put the finishing touches on the week’s masterpieces. 

Once the afternoon rolled around, it was time to prepare Lesotho Nutrition Initiative meals for about 60 kids. We boiled the ingredients for an hour until the consistency was just right. Every child came excited with their own bowl. Since packing the meals in the states, it was very meaningful to experience those exact meals in action. Every scoop that went into the meal bags in the states was nourishing the community.

Overall today was one of many good days that we’ve had here in the mountains of Lesotho! 

- Bethany and McKenzie 

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