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Wittenberg University has built a relationship with the people of the African kingdom of Lesotho, thanks to the leadership and expertise of Professor of History Scott Rosenberg, who served in the Peace Corps in Lesotho before joining the university's faculty.

Wittenberg Student in Lesotho
Greetings from Lesotho, It’s hard to believe today was our last full day in Lesotho. We finished our educational murals at the primary school, while others painted the outside of the kindergarten.
Lesotho Landscape
L - Let’s get started on our day E - Early breakfast S - So much painting O - of educational material T - tired from tremendous hard work H - happy with our steak dinner
Wittenberg Student on Lesotho Hilltop
Rawwwrr! Oops did we scare you (-; it’s just Ryleigh and Hannah here.
Map of Africa on Side of School in Lesotho
In one of our more subdued days, we traveled to the Mohale Dam. After learning about the negative impacts of the project on the Basotho, emotions flowed.
Lesotho Landscape
The Day of Two Punctures (7/1): Where to begin? Our merry crew came out of pride month with a bang… literally. The trusty metal steed that typically transports us suffered a flat (twice).
Community Center Lesotho
Yesterday was a really interesting day. First, we went to Maseru to stop by the Pioneer Mall to do some shopping. A popular item to buy was a traditional Basotho blanket.
Lesotho Landscape
What’s up fans! Thanks for sticking with us for 2 weeks!! Crazy to think we’ve been without you guys for that long but don’t worry we are having a blast!
Lesotho Landscape
Hey guys, Good news, we’re still alive and thriving. But guess what it’s your favorite time of the day! Blog time!!!!! We can’t believe we’re halfway through our journey here in Lesotho.
Lesotho Landscape
What a Royal Day! Greetings Royal subjects...just kidding, it’s Ryleigh and Hannah here.
Lesotho Landscape
Farewell Ramabanta Lumela Molimo Nthuse! We will all miss the family we’ve gotten to know during our stay in Ramabanta but we’re ready to start all of our new projects.
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