The Lekhooa Cooking Show

Dumela bo mme and bo ntate,

These are your hosts Jordan and Charlotte. This morning at our daily Sesotho language lessons we were all given Sesotho names. Each of these names were carefully picked by the employees at the Ramabanta Trading Post. All of the names having specific meanings based on our personalities. Jordan’s being Bohlokoa, in English this is “someone who is important.” This was given to me because each time I see the workers, they say I always find a way to make them happy or in a better mood by the way I dance or “make a fool of myself.” Charlotte’s being Lineo (Denao) meaning “a gift.” These names are something that we will cherish forever. 

Today at the community center, we painted the building so that the outside would match the impact that the center is attempting to have on their lives. We chose bright colors to match the bright attitudes of all the children who frequently visit. The community center cooks LNI meals everyday and gives them to these children, while also providing them with a place to play and giving them the chance to live their childhood to the fullest. We also had each child put their handprint on the wall, so that each time they come to receive meals they know that this building and it’s purpose is all for them. Let us tell you, getting 56 children to cooperate with paint on their hands is harder than you’d think. Really hope their parents aren’t too mad and know that the paint is water based! 

When we got back to the Trading Post before dinner a few of us (Jordan, Alex, and Charlotte) we’re looking for mischief to get ourselves into and the place we found it was the kitchen. As we stumbled upon Lerato we begged her to let us help cook dinner and she happily obliged. Never miss a chance to see Lekhooa make a fool of themselves in the kitchen. As we whipped up some supper, they kept us to only peeling and cutting potatoes, but this didn’t stop us from chacha-ing around the kitchen and cracking jokes. We stumbled through our Sesotho and also taught Maboy (head chef) and Sir Jackie the meaning of “that food slaps” and “spill the tea.” We talked about our favorite foods and how tasty raw onions and potatoes can be. 

As we come upon our last few days in Ramabanta, we know that we’re going to dearly miss all of the employees that we have been blessed to get to know and who have taken such good care of us. Who have also given us our Sesotho names, souvenirs that we will carry in our hearts forever and taught us that laughter is the true international language. 

This is the Lekhooa cooking hosts signing off, much love, 

- Bohlokoa & Lineo 


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Just wonderful that they gave you gifts to last a life time!! I enjoyed reading your blog today!! Continue to enjoy each and every moment you Tigers!!!

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